The New Moon takes place August 18th, at 10:41 pm Eastern time when the Sun and the Moon converge at 26 degrees Leo.  The symbolism of the New Moon has always struck me, since the actual New Moon occurs not when the first crescent makes its appearance, but when the Moon is invisible in the sky, obscured by the light of the Sun.  When the Moon is dark, we are able to see the stars at night, and the creatures of the night make themselves known. The dark Moon is the Balsamic Moon – a time of endings, letting go, and releasing the old before the Moon is new again at the conjunction to the Sun.

Each new lunar cycle offers an opportunity to begin anew, and we have left the season of Cancer, ruled by the Moon and now find ourselves in Leo, the realm of the Sun.  The Leo New Moon is a symbolic time to turn our attention to the Self, as Leo’s purpose is to find the highest expression of our best Selves.  Not the small self, with its petty needs and wants, but the larger Self which has much to share with the world.  Leo is also the sign of royalty, encouraging us to fulfill the role that was served by kings and queens in ancient times of bridging the gap between humanity and the gods.  There is a nobility to Leo and a deep inner sense of importance that walks a tightrope between the healthy ego and attachment to the gratification of the ego.  Leo also suggests the beauty of the divine child.

This New Moon in Leo includes a tight conjunction to Mercury (planet of the mind), something traditional astrologers call “combust.”  This alignment was considered to be negative because the planet (in this case Mercury) was rendered invisible by the light of the Sun.  There are some things in theoretical astrology that don’t actually work in practical astrology, and this is one of them.  In my client work it is evident that in such a conjunction the Sun acts to illuminate Mercury and intensify its effect.  In the case of this Leo New Moon, Mercury – the processing of information, thoughts, ideas and conversation – becomes highlighted and of supreme importance.  All matters of the transmission of information are intensified under this New Moon, and the possibility of illumination in terms of thoughts and ideas, and even an awakening of some kind, is possible.

This fiery energy of this triple conjunction in Leo is amplified by a harmonious trine to Mars which is currently in Aries.  All fire signs are concerned with matters of Self, but where Leo is on a journey to radiate the Self from within, Aries, and in this case Mars in Aries, manifests a primordial desire and power of Will.  This New Moon therefore becomes the ideal time to turn within and examine our own lives, including our psyche, our desires and wishes, and our needs.

It won’t be that easy though, because Mars in locked in a challenging square to Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn which are all in Capricorn, the sign of duty and responsibility.  Under this dynamic any conflict between our personal need (Mars/Aries) to develop and refine the Self (Leo Sun/Moon) are likely in conflict with our obligations and duty to society (Capricorn).  An awkward aspect (quincunx) between the New Moon and the Capricorn planets provides further irritation that will annoy without offering a clear resolution. The intentions which we create at the fusion of the Sun and Moon in Leo will burn a little brighter, and energize and inspire us to effortlessly make the required changes to ensure that the wish is fulfilled.

As the world changes around us, our inner world must change with it.  This New Moon offers the perfect opportunity to do just that!

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