Many of my readers will recognize the  name Dane Rudhyar as the father of twentieth century”humanistic astrology” that led to the psychological astrology many of us practice today.  Rudhyar was the author of many astrology books and a noted Theosophist, but he was also an acclaimed painter, musician and composer.

Rudhyar’s musical talents are largely forgotten, but an event this week in California includes performances by pianist Sarah Cahill of some of Rudhyar’s compositions.  Cahill quoted Rudhyar: “The inspiration for the music stems from a sequence of psycho-spiritual states of consciousness, not from anything resembling physical movement. Music here is a nonverbal speech aiming at communicating or inciting inner experiences.”

The group hosting the event is called Other Minds, and it would be wonderful if a recording of this music could be made available to the public.


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