As the world knows by now, 6-year old Falcon Heene’s parents called 911 emergency services on October 15, 2009 to report that young Falcoln had been abducted by an errant helium balloon.  The 911 call reported that Falcon had taken off in a homemade flying saucer, and the operator was skeptical from the beginning.  New details (it’s TMZ, but still…) report that Falcon’s father, Richard Heene, called the FAA first and then called a local TV station BEFORE calling 911.  The family wanted a news helicopter to follow the balloon.
The child was found that afternoon in a cardboard box in the garage.  In the “out of the mouths of babes” department, when asked on the Larry King show why Falcon didn’t leave the garage, and his parents repeated the question to him, Falcon said “you guys said that we did this for the show.”  That led to a very strong suspicion of a hoax which was confirmed on October 18.
I would love to see the father’s chart as he seems to be the driver of this fun ride.
I found a date of birth (9/11/1961, no time or place indicated) for Falcon’s father, RIchard Alan Heene Jr. on a website that exposes federal and state tax liens on a variety of individuals and companies.  I have no idea how accurate this information is, but it lists a wealth of information about the Heenes including tax liens and judgments going back to 1995.
This chart, which I emphasize is unreliable until it is confirmed elsewhere, reveals a Virgo Sun which one would not expect in this kind of individual who clearly has a hunger for fame, but it is unaspected (meaning it makes no aspect to any other planets in the chart).  The Sun represents the Self, the ego, and how well we are able to successfully individuate and when it is unaspected (or singleton) it reveals a lack of a sold sense of self or strong identity.  Brad Pitt has an unaspected Sun and we have seen how he seeks to define himself through his relationship and almost takes on the personas of the women with whom he becomes involved.
Heene seems to have an obsession with filming everything that he and his family do, which is one way to seek the mirroring that the weak Self requires in order to find itself.  Fame and notoriety, of course, is another.
This is a chart that lacks any tight squares (90 degree angles) unless you count Ceres, which I would not for these purposes.  Squares are difficult and can give us lots of problems, but they also force us to work through a crisis in order to gain inner strength.  From all reports, Heene was not a hard worker at anything.
I’m looking forward to finding a confirmed date of birth that perhaps will provide a bit more information.
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