Sagittarius full moon eclipseArt by Jo-Anne Mason, from the Savannah Gallery.  Coming off of the intensity of the third Uranus/Pluto square, this Full Moon eclipse is less powerful than the solar eclipse at the New Moon for a variety of reasons.  As an eclipse it is fairly week because the lunar nodes are 23 degrees from the lunation (the Sun and Moon), and in different signs.  The proximity from the lunar nodes to the Sun and Moon are what typically creates an eclipse, and the tighter the connection of the nodes to the lunation, the more intense the astrological effect will be.

This Full Moon is rather weak as an eclipse.  But it still packs the punch of a Full Moon in terms of illuminating the spaces of our interior consciousness and awareness.

As with all Full Moons, we have the Sun and Moon in opposition to each other, in signs that are polar opposites.  Typically that creates a great deal of tension which is why Full Moons can be so intense, but the Sagitarius/Gemini polarity embodies the least amount of stress of any of the zodiac polarities, so the Full Moons in these signs carry the potential for easier integration. The Moon is in Sagittarius now and the Sun in Gemini – both signs crave the freedom to pursue an ideal and gain greater understanding of the world. This is a time to set aside petty annoyances and allow ourselves the freedom to pursue our dreams.

Four planets are in communicative Gemini during this Full Moon, including a tight conjunction of Venus (beauty), Mercury (mind) and Jupiter (expansion and confidence), so the emphasis on transmission of ideas is heightened. This is not a particularly positive time for solitary introspection – this kind of active wisdom must be shared with others.

The lunation is locked in a challenging square to Neptune, planet of spirituality but also of deception, so there is a danger that in our desire to flee the distractions of the mundane world we take off into a realm where we are prone to lose our footing. This can be balanced by a conscious effort to integrate our creative inspiration into our dreams. Creativity and spiritual yearning come from the same source: the part of us that longs for a deeply personal connection to the divine. This Full Moon has a tremendous amount of creative potential locked within it that can be released if we are careful not to allow it to dissipate into fantasy.

The power of a Full Moon lasts for about three days so there is still time to open up our minds to the creative potential that lies untapped deep within the psyche.

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