The New Moon occurred yesterday at 17 degrees Taurus. At the New Moon, the Sun and the solar principle of conscious awareness conjoins the lunar principle of instinctive reaction. The New Moon is the beginning of the solar cycle, in which the Moon rejoins the Sun to begin a new phase of life.

The New Moon on May 5 closely preceded an important primary in the US presidential race and fell in the tenth house of Barack Obama’s chart. The tenth house is the house of career but more than that, it identifies where we find our true life path. We may have a career as an accountant but feel our life path is as a bodyworker – in that case the accountant job falls in the sixth house of work rather than the tenth house which would house the bodywork practice.

This is the primary that turned the corner once and for all and cements Obama’s candidacy, despite the transit of Pluto opposing Venus in Obama’s chart that ended his long-time relationship (Venus) with his former pastor, the egomaniac Jeremiah Wright. (Wright, incidentally, is going through a transit of Pluto in square to his Neptune/Sun conjunction.) Except for the Pluto/Venus transit, this is a good planetary time for Obama with transiting Jupiter at a station on his natal Saturn over the next few months and bringing opportunities (Jupiter) for success (Saturn), rewarding his hard work and discipline. The New Moon also formed a trine to Mars in Obama’s chart, energizing him to continue his battle (Mars) for the White House.

This has not, however, deterred Hillary Clinton who, as we’ve noticed many times in this column, is exhibiting the dogged determination typical of Scorpios. The Taurus New Moon formed a square (challenging aspect) to the triple conjunction of Mars, Pluto and Saturn all in Leo in her chart. If I saw this coming in a client’s chart I would tell them that this was a harbinger of an event that made a change to their focus and their path. Clinton is very focused, and she is adept at using adversity to strengthen herself even more. But this New Moon event in her chart reveals that the tide is indeed turning.

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