After a month or so of earthy Capricorn energy, including the Saturn and Pluto conjunction (read more about that here) the pressure is beginning to release.  Earth energy is wonderful for building and planning, for maintaining a practical view of life.  But if there is too much earth and not enough air, which is what we have experienced recently, we begin to lack objectivity and find ourselves rooted with no sense of real purpose.  The air element adds objectivity and reason, along with the inspiration of ideas and philosophies.

Aquarius is an air sign, but its traditional ruler is Saturn, an earthy planet.  In modern times we associate Uranus, planet of eccentricity and radical behavior, as the ruler of Aquarius and many astrologers tend to discount Saturn’s role which is obviously still quite important.  The innovation and new ideas that Uranus brings into the Aquarius archetype are offset by the Saturnian tendency towards control and structure. Think about the merkaba, an esoteric symbol in which the structure of the tetrahedrons brings the student into a mystic state of ascension into angelic (multidimensional) realms.  The air element of Aquarius brings a detachment and vision of justice, while the earth element of Saturn’s rulership helps us to stay grounded and continue to build structures which will facilitate the healing of ourselves and of the world.

This Aquarius New Moon, therefore, retains some of the foundational structure of the Saturn/Capricorn period of the past couple of months while opening up a portal into a fresh new awareness.  This New Moon forms a challenging square aspect (90 degrees) to Uranus, its modern ruler, which will bring out the Uranian side of the Aquarius energies and inspire change and potentially radical swings of focus and purpose.  Meanwhile a harmonious sextile from the New Moon to Chiron will help to facilitate the soothing of these radical energies and allow for a greater download of cosmic wisdom.

New Moons are the beginning of a new lunar cycle and offer an opportunity to begin something brand new.  Under the influence of Aquarius we let go of our attachment to ego (the realm of Leo, the polar opposite of Aquarius) and open up to new ideas and a new understanding of the fabric of our personality as well as the world in which we live.  Questions to ask in order to get the most out of this New Moon:

  • Where am I just going through the motions in my life?  How can I find more of a sense of meaningful purpose?
  • Am I too rigid in my thinking?  What kinds of reading material would help me to understand more about my life?
  • What patterns of behavior am I holding onto even though I can see that they no longer serve me?  What kinds of experiences do I want to replace them with?
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