Phil Brown investigates the connection between the Saturn Neptune opposition and the new “cloaking” device invented by scientists in this article he posted a few days ago:

Physics has developed a “cloaking” device composed of copper rings and wires patterned onto fiberglass sheets. This cloaking device can hide objects—and the cloaking materials themselves—by bending light so that the space appears to be virtually empty. An article in the N.Y. Times, “Light Fantastic: Flirting with Invisibility, ”notes that “…the demonstration showed the newfound ability of scientists to manipulate light through structures they call ‘metamaterials.’” An object literally becomes invisible, at least to microwaves. . . .

The Saturn-Neptune opposition has to do with, among other things, creating form or giving form to that which is formless. This cloaking device does just the opposite: it gives formlessness to a form. Either way, however, it’s Saturn (form) and Neptune (formless).

This invisibility device is also a metaphor for the larger socio-political manifestations of the Saturn-Neptune opposition. The 1971-72 Saturn-Neptune opposition coincided with the publication of the Pentagon Papers, which made visible the secret planning that went into the Vietnam War; revelation of the secret Tuskegee syphilis experiments; and the beginnings of the Nixon government’s secret Watergate activities–a real invisibility device which, fortunately for the country, malfunctioned and was later exposed through the “Watergate tapes.” These all took place very close to one of the exact oppositions of Saturn and Neptune.

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Jupiter and Neptune have also been tightly linked to the invisibility discoveries: according to the NY Times article the early Duke experiments took place last October as Jupiter (expansion) was square to Neptune (the hidden), suggesting that the project may have been overambitious, and also trine Uranus (new discoveries). Earlier experiments in March 2005 at the University of Pennsylvania occurred when Jupiter was trine to Neptune, opening the doors of the mysterious, although a square from Saturn to Jupiter did reveal some limitations in the earlier models. And going back even farther, in September 2003, with Jupiter opposite Neptune, scientists in Japan invested an “invisibility coat.”

The mutual reception of Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) now traveling through Pisces (ruled by Neptune) and Neptune (ruler of Pisces) now traveling through Aquarius (ruled by Uranus) is also stimulating new thought patterns and creativity as the Uranian desire for radical change collides with Neptune’s urge for transcendence. Robert Wilkinson reports a resulting increase in the strength of the unified field which is also affecting us on a more personal level, enhancing our intuition and our own abilities to tune in to other dimensions of awareness.

There’s no doubt that this is an exciting time to be alive, despite the trauma that occurs elsewhere on the world stage.

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