The Gemini Full Moon on November 30th (at 4:29 am EST) is also a penumbral lunar eclipse.  A lunation (New or Full Moon) becomes an eclipse when it is adjacent to the lunar nodes (the crossing points of the path of the Moon over the path of the Sun), and the closer the lunation is to the nodes, the more total the eclipse is and the more intense the fated quality of the eclipse will be.  The lunar nodes are associated with fate and destiny – they mark the journey from past (at the South Node) to future (at the North). In this lunar eclipse, the Gemini Moon is conjunct the North Node of the future, suggesting that curiosity and an open mind can lead our way forward and away from rigid beliefs and ideologies (Sagittarius South Node) that can hold us back.

The Gemini/Sagittarius polarity is all about collecting and assimilating information – this is a time to keep an open mind, and prepare for an awakening and a shift in belief systems where necessary.  Gemini can be a trickster – under its influence things are not always what they appear and that is especially true now because Neptune, planet of magic and mystery but also confusion and delusion, is locked in a challenging square to the Nodes.  Information can be a valuable guide, but it can also be a trap if it leads us down a rabbit hole of factoids and half-truths.  However, Mercury, planet of the mind, is in Scorpio where it prefers to probe deeply into a matter before coming to a conclusion, and a harmonious sextile to Pluto enhances and deepens our understanding.

A square from the Sun and Moon to Ceres suggests that in our focus on ideas and information we may neglect our physical body and our ability to be present in it.  Ceres is in Pisces now, and anything having to do with that Pisces flow can help us to feel more grounded and synthesized into our physical lives: meditation, baths, swimming, music, art – any kind of experience which lifts us out of the mundane can, paradoxically, help us to feel more alive with Ceres in Pisces.

Eclipses always come in pairs, and this lunar eclipse will be followed by a solar eclipse which conjoins the North Node.  Full Moons are culmination points anyway, and there is likely something in your life which is complete – a pattern which can now be broken as new truths are learned and new adventures embraced at the solar eclipse in two weeks (December 14th).  That eclipse, the Sagittarius New Moon, will bring opportunities for greater expansiveness and optimism as we reach for the skies and discover more wisdom than we ever dreamed possible. ❤️

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