Thanks to KT The Astrologer for posting this lovely article on the conjunction right now of Uranus to Mercury and Venus (perhaps that’s why most of my day has been spent dealing with malfunctioning telecommunications equipment??):

It can be a very interesting time when a personal planet conjuncts a transpersonal planet in the sky as both are functioning from very different levels.

So when they meet it’s like the college student and the 2nd grader working on the same project.

This is what is happening on the 27th and 28th, except the college student is asked to work with two 2nd graders.

The conjunction of Uranus, Mercury and Venus has us dealing with the needs of the personality meshing with the viewpoint from higher consciousness.

Uranus needs things to change, to break free and to disrupt. Its energy is about the greater good and trying to create a better future and it will do this any way it can.

Mercury in entrenched in the mind and serves the personality. Venus with its need for relating and indulging also likes to keep the ego happy.

When they band together we experience a rather radical shift in perception and values.

Our relationships, finances and our take on ourselves aesthetically will undergo a tremor of around 5.5 on the ‘astrological Richter scale’ Our ideas surrounding these issues may be rocked and a whole new way of thinking will being to crack open.

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This triple conjunction is exactly sextile Jupiter right now, the culmination of a cycle which has taken all month to perfect and would typically bring about an expansion (Jupiter) of innovation and exciting change (Uranus). However, pesky Chiron and Neptune, which are fused now in Aquarius, are inconjunct (30 degrees) both Jupiter and Uranus, squeezing a wedge between their joyous party. Chiron inconjunct Uranus is bringing up all of those things that no one wants to hear but which must be said, and inconjunct Jupiter it helps to facilitate conversation and the healing of ideologies which have lost their luster. The Neptune component adds just enough mist to create some confusion and potential for illusion. A murky road to say the least!

Venus and Mercury break away from the Jupiter/Uranus party by early next week when Mercury will be squared by Pluto and we’ll REALLY see some enthusiastic discussions!

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