With Mars conjunct Pluto and the G.C. this week there are a lot of theories about the significance, if any, of the Galactic Center shift. The spirituality boards are fired up and here are some of the things I’ve found:

Mars conjuncts Pluto near the Galactic Center on the 13th. Mars then enters Capricorn on the 16th. The Sun enters Aquarius on the 20th. Jupiter in Sagittarius squares Uranus in Pisces on the 22nd. Venus enters Pisces on the 27th. There’s a sense of deepening heaviness, gravity as time goes on. It’s ironic that the energies are so flowing now in comparison to recent years. You wouldn’t expect this mounting heaviness. But this is the nature, the gravity of the unconscious. If you are not conscious with it, it will drag you down. Your intentions will come manifest. Do you want your intentions to be unconscious based on your karmic crud? Or would you like to be consciously intending your manifestations? Time will tell. Mark Krueger

Remembering that we inform the mysteries as much as they inform us and noting the coming together of these major transformative cycles with the December Solstice near Galactic Center (a 26,000 year timing) with Pluto (a 248 year timing, with the Lunar Standstill (a 19 year timing) with Jupiter (a 12 year timing) this may well be a once in many eons of time kind of Celestial Event. We at least know it can’t have happened since the last turning of the Galactic Wheel 26,000 years ago. Cosmologically this is, simply said, bigger than BIG and the question is how are we choosing to participate? When we use the power to inform with the intent to transform ourselves and the planet without attachment to the results, but rather trusting what is unfolding is within the divine plan, then we are making the most of this unprecedented time. Cayelin Castell

Celestial alignments with the Galactic Center are delivering potent transmissions of energy affecting everything on Earth, and as these super-voltage energies continue to enter your reality and speed things up, you must be much more aware of the thoughts and messages you are sending forth. Remember, your thoughts are broadcast as frequencies of energy that act in a similar fashion to a homing pigeon trained to deliver a message – thoughts literally fly out from your mind to connect with whatever you are thinking about. And during these times of accelerated energy everything quickens and manifests with much greater speed. Understanding the cosmic laws of manifestation is like having the keys to the universe. If you are aware of your thoughts, knowing that what you focus on is what you get, then ideally you are consciously creating the version of life you want. But, if by chance, you believe what is sold in the mainstream media’s business of thought control, then you are following a program and are being used. In times of acceleration, you must think and question everything, and be willing to feel your way through life in order to ascertain the many layers of truth that define your reality. Pleaidians/ Barbara Marciniak

It does seem quite evident that there is an acceleration of energy that is affecting many of us in different ways. For many of us there is an expanded experience of connection to those energies and to a more multidimensional experience of life on earth, and this is necessitating major changes in our day-to-day lives. However, the idea that this Pluto/Galactic Center event will simply propel us into a more celestial existence doesn’t seem to me to reflect the power and purpose of Pluto.

As individuals, our path of growth and evolution takes place every day, not just during Pluto cycles. Every moment we are faced with a choice that brings us closer to our ultimate destiny. The planets assist with this by pulling us through evolutionary cycles: Saturn brings challenges, Jupiter brings expansion, Uranus brings change, Venus brings gifts of love and harmony. Then the Pluto transit will act almost like a final exam. Did we do our homework? Are we on the right road? Anything that no longer serves us in our path towards conscious evolution is swept away and discarded during the Pluto transit.

It does seem clear from my research that historically, conjunctions of Pluto to the G.C. have resulted in major shifts of civilizations. But I suggest that these shifts occur gradually over time and as in our personal lives, the Pluto transit to the G.C. forces us to let go of that which our civilization no longer requires. And as with any Pluto transit, whatever we don’t let go of willingly is ripped from us kicking and screaming. The end result is heightened awareness and an enhanced sense of purpose, but we aren’t always aware of the effects of the transformation until long after the event.

Recent celestial symbology have appeared to focus on a theme of endings. The past few New Moons have been in the last degrees of a sign. This is Pluto we’re talking about after all. Pluto is finishing up its work in Sagittarius (where it’s done quite a job transforming Sagittarius issues of religion, theology and travel). Pluto rules endings and new beginnings, and it does seem that we are on the threshold of tremendous change. This could involve the earth itself: the earth’s magnetic field is weakening and the earth’s magnetic pole is shifting rapidly away from the North Pole towards Siberia. According to scientists we are overdue for a pole shift, a concept popularized by Al Gore in his new film. Pole shifts have occurred an average of every 300,000 years and the last one was 780,000 years ago.

Holding onto past ways of experience are no longer possible, and as with any Pluto events, surrender and trusting the process hold the keys to a successful transition into the New World.

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