Robert Wilkinson points out that since Mars left Capricorn at the end of February we have been in a period where all planets are in fire and air signs, except for airy Uranus which is drying out the sign of Pisces, and the Sun in Pisces . The combination of fire and air is combustible and full of inspiration – this is a dynamic where great ideas and visions take shape and we are full of energy. Fire is somewhat self-centered and air is rather remote on a personal level, so this is not a time that lends itself naturally to periods of personal intimacy.

The Virgo Eclipse that we just experienced provided a fair amount of grounding, but now we are moving into a period with four planets in Aquarius including a conjunction of Mars to Chiron that is likely to provide some disruption (Mars) to sensitive places within us (Chiron). Aquarius doesn’t process emotions easily, and Mars would just as soon get over them as deal with them, and with Venus in self-oriented Aries the next week or so leading up to the New Moon Eclipse in Pisces is not the best time for dealing with our interpersonal relations. This is a time of ideas – of invention and innovation.

Venus leaves fiery Aries for the serenity of pleasure-seeking Taurus on the 18th just in time for the Pisces Eclipse which will begin to bring some greater balance. When our relationships (Venus) become stabilized (Taurus), it tends to ground the rest of our lives as well. Taurus tends to put us back in our bodies where we belong, and will make it easier for us to connect with others (Venus) in order to manifest our visions of the fire and air period into reality.

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