Taurus is one of the fixed signs that require a great deal of control, but also are quite powerful in their stability and ability to endure and persevere.  Two weeks ago the Scorpio Full Moon pitted the power of Scorpio’s emotional intensity against the pure physical endurance of Taurus, and now with the Taurus New Moon we are able to settle completely into the depth of the Taurus experience, seeking comfort and pleasure in the simple things and the finer things of life.

At the New Moon, the solar conscious principle fuses with the lunar instincts to motivate a new beginning – a new lunar cycle, and a cycle of new energies and teachings. This New Moon forms a trine to Pluto, the planet of creative destruction with the power for irrevocable change.  In the trine aspect, Pluto’s energies for regeneration soften somewhat and it becomes easier to let go where needed in order to more deeply find that center of Earthly experience governed by Taurus.

The challenging square from Saturn to Uranus which is the story of 2021 is embedded in this New Moon chart, suggesting that a more radical departure (Uranus) from the cornerstones of stability that we’ve created (Saturn) may need to be considered.  Mars, planet of fire and action, is in Cancer right now where its fire is dampened and there is a dearth of fire in the planetary energies.  This can make it more difficult to take the steps required, and a square from Mars to Chiron may bring up difficult and uncomfortable emotions that may be blocking us from following our true path.

Under the wisdom of the Taurus New Moon, however, patience is required.  There is no need for frustration at any limitations – time will unfold as needed, ensuring that we are ready to take the required actions at the right time. ❤️

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