The easy astrological times are not always the times when change and evolution can take place – sometimes these changes take an astrological punch, and that is what we have under this Libra New Moon. Libra is considered to be a somewhat “soft” sign – often polite and tactful, Libra urges us to relate to others, find ways to compromise, and balance opposing viewpoints with ease.  Libra is ruled by Venus after all, and Venus is the Goddess of Love and Beauty…or so we like to think.

The Venus archetype comes to us from a long line of powerful female goddesses, beginning back in Sumeria with Inanna and in Babylonia with Ishtar.  These are goddesses of love and war; they exemplify feminine power of transformation and the ability to go naked into the Underworld and returned transformed.  This is a good archetype for the Libra New Moon of October 6, 2021.

This New Moon features four planets in Libra: we have the Sun and Moon of course, but also Mars and Mercury.  A new beginning is required and there will be compromise and accommodation with so much Libra, but with Mars acting as a major presence, there will also be a need to fight for what we know to be true and for what is important. This is a time for a new beginning: the new lunar cycle has just begun and the sky is dark with pregnant anticipation. Now is the time to set the intentions for the New Moon. Where in our lives are our relationships out of balance? How can we bring more love into our life, more softness and beauty? We often think that in order to feel loved we must have a partner, but anyone who is married will tell you those two things don’t always go together.  How can we give ourselves these gifts so that we can maintain better balance and integration in our relationships?

Venus, the ruler of the Libra New Moon, is currently in Scorpio where we are more easily able to connect with the older Venus archetypes of Sumeria and Babylonia.  In Scorpio Venus is empowered and transformative, not afraid to feel the hard feelings and cry out for what is needed.  Mars is conjunct the New Moon and Venus and Mars are in mutual reception now, with Venus at the 29th degree of Mars-ruled Scorpio and Mars in Libra, so this dance between the force of the individual (Mars) and the power of collaboration (Libra) is at its peak.

That is the perfect symbolism for the energies that we can draw from this New Moon! ❤️

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