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In lieu of the weekly forecast this week since I’m out of the country, this post on the Full Moon energies pretty much contains all of the energies for the week!

The Aries Full Moon occurs on October 20th, and it’s a potent one.  First of all, it’s in Aries so Mars is the planetary ruler and there is a fiery potency to all things at this time.  Mars, ruler of this Full Moon, is very closely conjunct the Libra Sun and approaching a challenging square to Pluto which will culminate on October 22nd and this challenging aspect is locked into the Full Moon chart.

Many of you know that I am kind of an ambassador for Mars.  Traditionally Mars is considered to be malefic, and even when well placed his attributes are not that attractive: contentious and a lover of warfare are not what you would call the most honorable traits in a planet. And his bad traits are worse: murder, thievery, promoter of sedition, perjurer, etc. etc.  But Mars is the planet of Will – the prime desire that inspires and motivates us to go after what we want, to defend ourselves and others, and fuels us with physical energy and desire.

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Still, when there is an overabundance of Mars energy it can be difficult, especially when there is a challenging square to Pluto involved as there is here.  Mars is in Libra where it can be polite and tactful but not really promote the Martian attributes that are so important for human psychological and physical health.  Power conflicts may arise, and if there is anger in the subconscious it may emerge here with Pluto squaring the Aries Full Moon.  In addition, both Mars and Pluto are locked in challenging aspects to the new planet Eris, activating the Pluto square to Eris which I have written about here.

Any Aries Full Moon includes the polarity to the Libra Sun, and the question here is: How do we balance our individuality and personal needs (Aries) with our need to cooperate and find peaceful interactions (Libra)?  What is it that we really want?  If there were no obstacles in our world to stop us, what would we go after and how would we balance this with the necessities of our life situation? With the potency of these alignments there could be a major resolution to a problem which has lingered for some time.

We will get the most out of this Full Moon if we approach it with respect.  Honor the fire and the passion that is fueling us at this time, and find positive ways to fuel the flame of desire and intention. ❤️

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