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This major cycle between the outermost personal planet and the innermost outer planet is the major story of the year. Saturn creates structure and encourages us to build a strong and unchanging foundation to better enable a successful outcome.  A strong Uranus alignment can be destabilizing since the very nature of Uranus is to break up stuck energy that hold us back from fully opening into the new paradigm.  Uranus doesn’t require the breaking apart of that which already exists, but anything which no longer serves the current reality will be at least questioned, and potentially discarded so that a new form can take shape.

The first exact square occurred February 17, 2021 and the second phase is Monday June 13, 2021.  Because of the retrograde factor, this kind of planetary cycle often has three phases.  During the first phase we are somewhat shocked by the energies – in this case, the conflict between that which is set in stone and upon which we depend (Saturn) and the need to break out of outmoded paradigms in order to create more effective reality structures.  We are now in the second phase where there is some assimilation of these energies and the actual restructuring process is already taking place.  Mercury is retrograde and we may find ourselves looking back as we re-assemble our lives in this nearly post-Covid (hopefully) era.

Over the next few days it might be helpful to remain aware of these conflicting energies, especially if you find yourself feeling ungrounded or experiencing other discomfort.  Deep breathing and centering exercises will be helpful in facilitating the flow of stuck energy.  Yoga can help us to align more completely and balance the hemispheres of the brain and body.  Walking in nature can help us to ground and feel more connected to the Earth. There is a repatterning of the energetic matrix which supports the human psychospiritual system, and while many will go about their business as usual for some of us this will feel extremely significant.  It’s important right now to be as clear as possible about our intentions, as we create the reality around us through the thought forms that we emit, and this force of creation is very potent under this alignment! ❤️

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