Astrological update for the week of August 14-21, 2023

Venus as morning star. On the heels of Sunday’s conjunction of the Sun to Venus (called the “cazimi”), we begin to see Venus rising as the morning star as she passes the midpoint of the retrograde period. The symbolism 40-day cycle of Venus retrograde is pretty profound, as that 40-day cycle can be found frequently in religious texts. At the beginning of the retrograde cycle Venus is ahead of the Sun and rises near sundown, but after the Sun/Venus conjunction at the midpoint of the cycle Venus sneaks ahead of the sun and rises at morning.

This midpoint of the Venus cycle marks a shift from the looking back period and welcomes the replacement phase of the cycle. We’ve already recognized aspects of our values and relationships that require change. This is the opportunity to begin to put change into motion, a process that continues when Venus turns direct.

Leo New Moon, August 16. The New Moon in Leo, the beginning of a new lunar cycle is a marriage of heaven and earth. The Moon is in the sign of the Sun, and the conscious solar principle unites easily with the lunar instincts. Leo is the sign that celebrates the Self – the healthy Ego, open-hearted, generous and full of life and an ability to embrace joy.

The New Moon is accompanied by some potent planetary juice including an exact square to Uranus, the radical planet of change and breaking out of routine. Normally the disruptive influence of Uranus would be somewhat destabilizing, but the Leo Moon can be excited by change. In addition, there is a dearth of the watery element of emotion which will minimize the tendency of the Moon towards comfort and emotional safety.

This planetary potency supports the New Moon in its power to turn the page. At the Leo New Moon we can bring out our own Divine Child and let them dance, sing, and generally celebrate life and our own unique and special place in it.

For the astrologically savvy: This New Moon is aspected by so many planets and nearly all of the planetary bodies are connected to the Sun and Moon. (Venus conjunct Sun and Moon, Mercury and Mars semi-sextile Sun and Moon and trine Uranus, lunar nodes sextile Sun and Moon, Chiron trine Venus, Sun and Moon.) In addition a yod or Finger of Fate aspect is formed with the Leo New Moon at the apex of the configuration (Pluto sextile Neptune, and both quincunx the New Moon).

Here’s what else you need to know this week (Dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, here is a time zone converter to adjust for your locality.)

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Monday August 14. Monday morning the Moon moves into Leo and prepares to unite with the Sun for the upcoming New Moon. Once the Moon has settled into Leo the energies shift from emotional Cancer to a lighter and more celebratory mood. Relationships should be well-favored and issues that may have been hidden until Venus turned retrograde may arise to be healed and soothed.  (Moon trine Neptune 12:57 am, opposite Pluto 3:46 am, Moon enters Leo 6:36 am, Venus trine Chiron 10:55 am.)

Tuesday August 15.  A solar aspect to Uranus could cause some disruption today, especially since this is a harbinger for similar energies at the New Moon. Our intentions and desires are strong right now and there is very little room for interference from others. Fortunately the Moon and Venus smooth over rough edges and healing is possible. (Moon square Jupiter 12:44 pm, sextile Ceres 6:43 pm, conjunct Venus 8:43 pm, trine Chiron 10:25 pm, Sun square Uranus 10:34 pm.)

Wednesday August 16. New Moon! All of the planetary forces described in the introductory paragraph are at work today. Once the Moon enters Virgo in the evening EDT the potency will begin to settle down and the integration of the energies begins. (Moon square Uranus 5:04 am, Moon conjunct Sun 5:38 am, Mars trine Uranus 9:53 am, Moon enters Virgo 7:14 pm, Venus sextile Ceres 8:02 pm.)

Thursday August 17. This is a good day to continue the integration process of the New Moon and begin to implement new intentions. (Moon opposite Saturn 4:31 am.)

Friday August 18. Friday offers generally supportive planetary dynamics. The Sun trines the new planet Eris which potentially can support putting discordant events to good use.* The Moon, in Virgo for the entire day, facilitates organization and the strategies required to live more harmoniously and effectively. (Moon trine Jupiter 1:48 am, Sun trine Eris 5:15 am, Moon conjunct Mercury 1:08 pm, trine Uranus 5:51 pm, conjunct Mars 8:57 pm.)

Saturday August 19.  After a dreamy night EDT, the Moon enters Libra on Saturday morning and begins to soften conflicts and pave the way to resolution. A harmonious solar aspect to the lunar nodes suggest that a doorway to the future could open up and offer a new way forward. (Moon opposite Neptune 2:00 am, trine Pluto 4:50 am, Moon enters Libra 7:53 am, Sun trine North Node 1:13 pm.)

Sunday August 20.  Care of the self is important on Sunday as nerves could be somewhat frayed under the Libran pressure for balance if none can be found. Be sure to plan something relaxing which will balance the body, mind and heart and enable healing to take place. (Chiron opposite Ceres 7:40 am, Moon sextile Venus 4:07 pm, opposite Chiron 11:00 pm, conjunct Ceres.)

*I currently believe that Eris is mostly involved in global dynamics rather than personal, but I figure it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye on her!

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