The square from Saturn to Pluto is one of the more challenging planetary dynamics due to the bad rep both planets have for being the Lord of Karma (Saturn) and the Lord of Death (Pluto).  Saturn used to be the Lord of Death until Pluto came along, so you can see that these are not the most warm and fuzzy planets to encounter, especially when they are in the challenging square, or 90 degree, aspect to each other.  You may want to read my earlier article for more information on this planetary dynamic.

The first phase of the current Saturn/Pluto cycle occurred back in mid-November with relatively benign effect, considering the fact that the opening square of the cycle in 1993 coincided with the Oklahoma City bombing, and the opposition cycle in 2001 brought us September 11.  But this second phase which culminates on January 31st has been rather more severe, with a devastating earthquake in Haiti that occurred when Saturn and Pluto were less than one degree from their exact square followed by a second earthquake of 5.9 magnitude on January 20th as the square from Saturn to Pluto tightened to a half degree.  More on the Haiti earthquake here and here.

Earthquakes and earth changes have long been expected during Pluto’s passage through Capricorn, the sign the governs the structure and foundation upon which we build our world, especially when Uranus, planet of breaking up the status quo, begins to challenge Pluto in a square.  But the earthquake in Haiti has done more than create devastation; it has forced us as a global people to examine the roots of poverty and political oppression that have turned Haiti into such a tragic nation.

Saturn and Pluto aren’t vengeful gods like Jehovah – they just have a job to do.  Anywhere our lives are rooted in illusion, Saturn will come in and force us to wake up.  When something in our lives, or in the world around us, is dying or already dead, Pluto will instigate the destructive force to complete the process.  These two planets together force us, both individually and globally, to face the unpleasant and the horrific, so that transformation and reconstruction can be completed.

With Pluto in Capricorn, the sign that is ruled by Saturn, the force to tear down and rebuild is extremely powerful.  Pluto is the destroyer, but also the phoenix which rises from the ashes. Saturn and Capricorn are all about building solid structures that will not give way in a hurricane.

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