As noted here a few days ago, President Bush is having a major planetary crisis in terms of his relationships. Saturn with its tests and challenges is affecting Venus in his chart, creating limitations and restrictions in his relationships with others as demonstrated by Venus. But that’s not all: Chiron with its tendency to wound as well as heal is transiting his descendant, the cusp of his seventh house. The seventh house is known as the marriage house, but it is much more than that; it deals with all kinds of one-on-one relationships. Not just marriage or love relationships, the seventh house also relates to “open enemies,” another kind of partnership.

Suddenly it seems Bush is being attacked from all sides. Two of his sworn enemies, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran last week signed more than 20 trade and investment deals and both spoke openly against Bush at the United Nations where Bush received little respect despite his attempt to reach out to the people of Iran.

Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan, a tenuous ally in the “war on terror” yesterday accused the Bush White House on the television program “60 Minutes” of threatening to bomb Pakistan “back to the stone age” after September 11. Today he revealed that the CIA has paid millions of dollars in payment for AlQaeda prisoners creating additional embarrasment for the administration.

Colin Powell, Bush’s loyal soldier who took the case for the Iraq War to the UN and betrayed the trust of the American people (for which he later apologized) came out publicly against Bush’s anti-terrorism proposal to permit torture of detainees.

Meanwhile President Bush’s only ally, Tony Blair, has been forced to resign amidst growing anger in the UK over the deteriorating situation in Iraq.

Now a National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) has been leaked to the press, revealing what most of us have known since 2003: that the war in Iraq is worsening the terrorist situation by breeding more terrorists.

All of this is good news for those of us hoping for change in the mid-term elections if Americans will only open their eyes to the politics of deceit and greed that have been the rule of the day over the past six years.

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