The Singularity is a concept of the time when the knowledge of machines surpasses the knowledge of humans due to the rapid development of technology, leading to a merging of human and machine.   I’ve been writing about this idea for many years (see this article for a start), and now the evidence is coming in that the Singularity may be closer than we think.  The average estimate among scientists who study these matters has been that the Singularity would arrive somewhere around 2040-2045, with Pluto in Aquarius (the sign of technology and innovation as well as radical behavior and revolution).

Elon Musk is accelerating the process, though, with a startup he calls “Neuralink.”

[T]he long-term goal is to build a “digital superintelligence layer” to link humans with artificial intelligence, a technology he views as an existential threat to humanity.

“Ultimately, we can do a full brain-machine interfaces where we can achieve a sort of symbiosis with AI,” Musk said. One goal along the way will be letting people type 40 words per minute just by thinking

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Although Pluto moves into Aquarius in 2023, Saturn, planet of tests and challenges, has already dipped its toe into the Aquarian waters when it moved briefly into Aquarius this spring.  Saturn will move fully into Aquarius in December 2020 and will remain in Aquarius until 2023 just as Pluto is moving into that sign.  Saturn’s passage through Aquarius may be tied into higher levels of government control using technology, and it is already seen in the government crackdowns on protests in the US and elsewhere.  Where Saturn is a personal planet concerned more with personal behavior, Pluto is about powerful transformations that create permanent change.

It will be interesting to see how all of this begins to tie together.  With COVID-19 emerging just as Saturn enters Aquarius we are seeing technology used for contact tracing and quarantine in countries such as South Korea that are open to that kind of regulation.  Technology is being used to help children get back to their education, and for telehealth medical services from home.  I think it’s likely that we will see more technology-based interaction with the virus in ways that are likely to create permanent personal and societal change.  Obviously there are some frightening implications as well – if machines are able to implant information into human brains that could change life on earth as we know it.  For some of us like me that love our technology, that’s probably already happening!!

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