Robert P. Blaschke has written an elegant piece for The Mountain Astrologer website on the chart for the Capricorn Ingress.  The Capricorn Ingress is the Wnter Solstice in the tropical zodiac that occurs when the Sun enters Capricorn and begins a new year.  Robert writes,

Upon viewing the overwhelming preponderance of planets in the first quadrant, one immediately perceives that 2009 will become a year of survival for the United States. As the only Winter Ingress horoscope in American history to have an exact Sun-Pluto conjunction on the Cardinal Point, the depth and extent to which the United States will have to change during the next year is at the present time unfathomable to all but the astrologers who have the techniques and methods to make such a forecast.

This tremendous change to be seen in the US is also reflected, as I’ve written before, in the transiting square of Pluto to the Midheaven in the chart for the United States.  Pluto represents the power for change and transformation, and the Midheaven in a national chart represents the government and leadership of that nation.  Pluto often begins with a breakdown phase, and we are certainly seeing that phase now.  But if we navigate the breakdown phase successfully, there is a regeneration phase on the other side that brings transformation and regeneration that in the end will make it all worthwhile.  When a system is broken, there is sometimes no way to fix it but to begin anew!

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