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by Lynn Hayes   The next few days offer an opportunity for the heart to open as the Sun and Moon align in Leo, a kiss of magic to open up the heart.  The energy of Leo encourages us to return to the simplicity of childhood – to witness and find joy in the simplest things and share that joy with others.

While the Sun represents the physical heart, the Moon represents the emotional heart.  How we protect ourselves, how we express our feelings, the level of comfort we feel with the emotions that flow through us every moment of the day – all of these things live in the realm of the Moon.  In Leo, the Moon becomes more dramatic and more easily able to find expression for the inner language of the soul and at the New Moon on August 8th at 9:50 am EDT/1:50 pm UTC the two combine for a burst of Leo sparkle.  Mercury, planet of the mind, is also in Leo right now and trines the new planet Eris – this feels a bit to me like the reasoning out of a Rubik’s cube in which the small details lead to a big transformation.

The Sun is the most powerful force in our planetary system, and the Sun is in its own sign of Leo where it has the strongest force of radiance, illuminating the darkness and shining light into the unconscious.  This New Moon is tightly squared (90 degree aspect) by Uranus, the planet of radical personal independence to force a decision or course of action that will set free something which has been repressed or stifled.  Leo is a fixed sign and like all fixed signs, it doesn’t accept change or compromise easily so this could create a bit of the disruption for which Uranus is famous, especially since Uranus is stationary right now as it prepares to turn retrograde and therefore wields a powerful energetic force.

Mars is in Virgo right now, providing motivation for analysis and a detailed approach to our lives, but it squares the lunar nodes of fate at the New Moon, another significator of a choice to be made.  Square aspects are not always “bad” or “difficult,” but they ARE strong and generally denote a shift or modification of some kind.  You may find yourself pulled in a particular and perhaps unexpected direction under the New Moon, perhaps a small change but ultimately the small changes eventually become bigger transformations.

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Also embedded in the New Moon chart is an opposition from Venus in Virgo to Neptune in Pisces, challenging us to expand our consciousness and transcend the day to day world (Neptune in Pisces) while still taking care of the small details and honoring our relationship obligations (Venus in Virgo).  The asteroid Pallas conjoins Neptune right now, reminding us that transcendence includes a higher wisdom and not just a feeling of bliss and escapism.  A yod (finger of fate aspect) in the chart with Mercury at the apex reinforces the idea that our ability to understand and properly process the emotional energies of the New Moon are the key to integration of all of these dynamics. (geeky astrological details: Mercury is quincunx Pallas/Neptune and also Pluto, which is sextile Pallas/Neptune)

Under the Leo New Moon we are asked to shed our inhibitions and our insecurities and let the light of the Divine Child that lives still within us shine through in all its glory – to forget momentarily about the crises that surround us and the responsibilities that await us and just for one moment, to call forth the innocence and joy of a child.  At the New Moon there is an opportunity to wipe the slate clean.  Let go of your grown-up worries and allow the child within to speak and be known.  Walk in the rain – enjoy an ice cream cone as if it were your first.  Stay out after dark and watch the fireflies.  The world will wait. ❤️



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