Astrological update for the week of July 31 – August 7

Supermoons. If you’re subscribed to my Planetary Illuminations report you’ll read more about this tomorrow, but in August we are in SuperMoon season (™Richard Nolle). We have come to think of SuperMoons as being the giant white discs in the sky that occur at the Full Moon when the Moon is closest to Earth (perigee), but a New Moon can also be a SuperMoon. It’s the distance from the Moon to the Earth that creates the SuperMoon, whichever side of the Sun it happens to be on.

Full SuperMoon in Aquarius August 1. In August we have two SuperMoons, and one is this week. This Full Moon is in Aquarius, with the Sun in Leo – the polarity that requires a balance between the transpersonal (Aquarius) and the personal (Leo). When the Moon is full in Aquarius, it’s not all about me (that would be Leo). Under the Aquarius Full Moon we need to look past the personal to the needs of the collective.

The emotional and sensitive Moon is not always that comfortable in Aquarius, the sign of the transpersonal and the detachment of science and reason, and the Leo Sun carries the archetype of brilliant self-expression which is at odds here with the dispassion of Aquarius.

The Moon is the only planet in air signs right now (other than Ceres), so the objectivity of the air element has not been as available to us. This Full Moon asks that we seek a broad perspective from which to view the world, and forget about our own dramas while we learn to view the whole picture. A supportive trine from Mars (fire energy) to Jupiter (expansion and confidence) makes it easier to do just that; when we are feeling more hopeful it becomes easier to set our personal story (Leo) to the side in order to see the bigger picture. That hopefulness may be quashed a bit by a stressful Mercury/Saturn aspect which could bring up a need to get serious about something. This may be masked as negativity but is actually a call to pay attention to details.

Here’s what else you need to know this week (Dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, here is a time zone converter to adjust for your locality.)

Monday July 31. The Moon will be in Capricorn all day, a good day to Get Things Done.  The Moon will be very busy communicating with four different planets before moving into Aquarius to set the stage for the Full Moon. There will be a few hours in the morning when we may be more reactive emotionally, and late in the evening we may feel an emotional storm, but in between there are clear skies and a sunny day.

That late day emotional storm activates the Pluto/Node square and the possibility of a change of fate. Take note of feelings and thoughts that occur between 8 and 11 pm EDT as they may hold an important key to your future. (Moon square Chiron 8:01 am, trine Uranus 12:28 pm, sextile Neptune 7:54 pm, conjunct Pluto 10:12 pm, Moon enters Aquarius 11:57 pm.)

artist unknown?

Tuesday August 1. Full Moon! There will be a buoyancy to the day, but the Mercury/Saturn aspect will require a serious focus on details in order to get the most out of the brilliance of the Aquarius Full Moon. Aquarius is the sign of the inventor and the technological innovator, and under this Full Moon we may be flooded with ideas and awakenings so be prepared with notebook in hand! (Moon opposite Sun (Full Moon) 2:31 pm, Mars trine Jupiter 4:44 pm, Moon square Jupiter 9:37 pm, Mercury opposite Saturn 10:17 pm.)

Wednesday August 2. Wednesday is a good day for solitary pondering of life’s mysteries. The energies of the Aquarius Full Moon are still in force, and further enhanced by a Uranian need to make some changes that may not sit comfortably in our present situation. We may feel somewhat rattled, especially if our chart leans towards the earthy/watery elements.

Once the Moon moves into Pisces late in the evening the tension will fade and we will start to feel more comfortable in our skin. (Moon sextile Chiron 7:14 am, square Uranus 11:44 am, opposite Venus 5:15 pm, Moon enters Pisces 11:05 pm.)

Thursday August 3. The Pisces Moon often fosters a dreaminess that can make it more difficult to attend to rigorous details. Let Thursday and Friday be a time, if you can, for dreams and imaginings.

On Thursday there are some challenges to our equilibrium as we may face some difficult decisions or situations that are hard to navigate. Things could be confusing, but if we wait for just a day or two the way will become clear. (Moon conjunct Saturn 7:52 am, opposite Mercury 11:02 am, sextile Jupiter 9:19 pm, opposite Mars 11:14 pm.)

Friday August 4. Friday continues the Piscean sense of wonder and imagination, but unlike Thursday there is nothing to interfere with our desire for expansive creativity. This kind of energy is ideal for vision work as the Soul is speaking and we are more easily able to listen.

Once the Moon enters Aries late in the evening EDT the focus will change to a more dynamic one. (Moon sextile Uranus 11:34 am, conjunct Neptune 6:59 pm, sextile Pluto 9:20 pm, Moon enters Aries 11:19 pm.)

Saturday August 5. The astrological skies are clear as a bell on Saturday. If we have been struggling emotionally, an answer may become available now. This is a day of emotional balance and clarity, or a day when this kind of balance will be easier to attain. (Moon trine Sun 9:40 pm.)

Note: Obviously these planetary alignments affect us all differently. A fast-moving lunar aspect will not overcome a transit of a heavy planet like Saturn or Pluto, for example. 

Sunday August 6. With the Moon in Aries and a strong Sun/Jupiter aspect today, we may feel like we’re on fire and ready for anything. There could be a brief blip in the morning when we feel some self-doubt or perhaps some physical weakness, but that will soon give way to a highly energized afternoon. (Moon conjunct Chiron 8:46 am, trine Venus 4:34 pm, Sun square Jupiter 8:02 pm.)

And that takes us to the end of the week! I hope it’s a great one for you. 💖

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