Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have set their wedding date for November 18. Astrologers at report that if they marry on this day they are doomed because the Moon is “void of course” that day. I myself have some questions about the durability of this relationship but it has nothing to do with the Moon and its course.

The Moon is said to be void of course after it makes its last aspect to another planet before moving into the next zodiac sign, and some believe that during these periods people are less focused and unable to make good judgements. Some live their life by the moon tables, refusing to participate in any activity during the void moon. I have not found this to be so in real life; moreoever, this kind of fear-based thinking simply perpetuates the notion that we have no control over what happens in our own lives.

TMZ goes on to say that “Of course, the other planets involved — Venus, Saturn, Mars, and Neptune, as well as the Sun — don’t spectacularly align for the couple; with foreboding, hardship and destruction the dominant themes of the planetary tea leaves.” I completely disagree. Venus, the goddess of love, will have entered Sagittarius the day before and is therefore beyond reach of a “bad” aspect to Saturn that could put a crimp on the day’s socializing. In addition, Venus will be conjunct Jupiter, the god of abundance and possibilities, and Venus will be exactly trine Tom Cruise’s Moon that day, expanding and opening his heart. These are very positive aspects for a wedding. Tom has some anger issues amanating from a natal square of Uranus (rebellion) to Mars (aggression) and on his wedding day transiting Jupiter will oppose his Mars which could exacerbate his need to have his own way. Still, the lovely Venus aspects should keep this from creating problems.

The day will be more difficult for Katie, whose birthchart shows a conjunction of Venus (love) to Uranus (rebellion) in a challenging aspect to her Moon (emotions and security). This dynamic shows her intense need for freedom within her relationships and a difficulty in expressing her emotions to her loved ones. The square of Mars to Neptune that TMZ refers to, causing confusion (Neptune) about what we desire and how we express our needs (Mars) will be stirring up Katie’s emotions and her need for independence. She has been going through a difficult cycle of Pluto transiting her Sun, creating turmoil in her life and turning it upside down. That cycle continues through next year, but she is a strong person and can use this event to her advantage. Transiting Neptune (confusion) has been square to her Moon over the past year and a half, corresponding to her whirlwind courtship and pregnancy and making her prone to fantasy and illusion. That cycle has ended and she is coming back into her own.

Still Tom and Katie are both actors and the day is bound to be a glamorous one. In my practice I NEVER use the word “doomed.” There are challenges that are sometimes difficult to overcome, but it is exactly those challenges that stretch us and offer a path for individual growth and evolution.

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