Mars opposite JupiterMars is the planet of aggression and warfare, and it is currently traveling through Sagittarius, the sign of ideology, theology, belief systems, confidence, and all things expansive.  So it’s no wonder that the political rhetoric in the US is inflating to ridiculous proportions.

Over the past week this inflation has grown even more ridiculous over the past week since Mars has been approaching an opposition (180 degree aspect) to Jupiter.  This aspect culminates on the 28th (Sunday) and is embedded in the chart for the Taurus Full Moon which I’ll be discussing tomorrow.

This aspect affects not only politics, but all areas of our lives.  Righteous anger will be everywhere over the next few days, along with frustration when we don’t get our way.

Jupiter shows where we desire to be god, and when Jupiter opposes Mars, especially when Mars is in Jupiter’s own sign.  There is a great deal of positive energy available to us now because Mars activates the potential for Jupiter to expand and create abundance and prosperous feelings.  But in its role as God of War, Mars can also activate the aggressive side of our natures and encourage strife and conflict (Mars) for the sake of our beliefs (Jupiter).  This isn’t always a bad thing, but under this influence it can get out of hand if not approached with conscious sensitivity.

This aspect from Mars to Jupiter can be somewhat strident and obnoxious. However, it can also give us the courage that we need to push through a barrier that would otherwise be difficult even though the aspect lasts for only a couple of days. If we approach this time (the 26th through the 29th) with awareness, this can be a lucky time in which doors open and opportunities are presented to us.

In order to accomplish this, spend some time to pay attention to how your beliefs are affecting your current reality, and where some tweaking might be needed in order to create the kind of balance required by this planetary cycle.  Where do you make yourself smaller and less significant?  Where do you allow your desires to overcome your reason?  How do you balance your beliefs with your other values?

The Taurus Full Moon will ground these beliefs into reality, so it’s best to be prepared!



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