Virgo is what we call a mutable sign – it’s the third in a series of signs that begin with the June solstice in Cancer and prepares us for the turning of the next season as we shift into Libra the September equinox.  The dance of the “modalities” as they are called always begins at the entry into a new season with a cardinal sign of action.  The second sign is of the “fixed” nature and teaches endurance and patience.  The last sign before the seasonal shift is “mutable” – these energies enable us to let go and make that transition into the next season as marked by the solstices and the equinoxes.

The Virgo New Moon is not only the passage point to the September equinox, it also marks the end of the first half of the zodiac which focuses primarily on the personal.  In the second half we are more focused on interaction with the outer world.
Virgo teaches us to create order from chaos.  Under the influence of Virgo we learn to manage the details that are required of humans who live in a physical body, such as personal hygiene and the need to work in order to keep food on the table and a roof over our head.  At this Virgo New Moon, a new lunar cycle, we can more easily begin a new organizational routine or exercise/nutrition program to support us in the changes that are coming.
And come they will – we are in the middle of so many different evolutionary changes.  Climate change. Political change.  And not the least of them, the change of precessional ages from Pisces into Aquarius.  In this New Moon, the lunar nodes are locked in a challenging square to the Sun and Moon which are conjunct in the sky as they begin the new lunar cycle. The nodes of the Moon are connected to the direction of fate, from past at the South Node to the future at the North Node, when a lunation is triggered by a strong nodal aspect like this there is a sense of a change of fate at work. The lunar nodes mark the intersection between solar consciousness and lunar instincts, and it is at this point where we find a culmination of life lessons and the opportunity to move ahead.  Perhaps there will be a test of some kind, or perhaps you will feel a gentle push as you finally move towards something you have been putting off.Sometimes these shifts are obvious and hit us like a ton of bricks, and other times they are more subtle. If we change our course by even one degree, eventually we will end up in a completely different place.
There are other astrological forces at work in this New Moon:  A harmonious trine from Saturn (stability and structure)  to the New Moon will help to give form to this infusion of new energies, and Mars (action) is trine the South Node, encouraging the release of old patterns that hold us back.  There are challenging influences as well – Mars is still at work, retrograde in its own sign of Aries and challenging the Capricorn stellium (Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn) and the stress point between Mars and Saturn is nearly exact.  This means that the possibility for conflict remains high as Mars reacts against the pressures and restrictions of the three planets in Capricorn.  Mercury rules this New Moon, and we also have Mercury in Libra, seeking harmony in all conversation, beginning a stressful square to the Capricorn planets beginning today with optimistic Jupiter.  This could bring about a state where overconfidence (Mercury/Jupiter) leads to words said carelessly which end up creating more conflict than was ever intended.
At each New Moon it’s a little like a new year, only better because it occurs every 29 days or so and provides an opportunity for a new beginning in all areas of life as we traverse the zodiac cycle.  At this New Moon we can more easily find a way to ground into our physical life, using good Virgo practices of integration to body, mind and spirit, while learning to best utilize the energies of action (Mars) to facilitate our emergence through the chrysalis of change into a more resonant life. ❤️
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