The Full Moon is the peak of the lunar cycle, which begins at the New Moon with a fresh new start, and then waxes until it achieves fullness when the Sun opposes the Moon.  This opposition between the solar consciousness and the lunar instincts is what gives the Full Moon its oomph and power.

When the Moon is full in Aries, the primal sign of initiation and action, the lunar instincts of Mars are opposed by the need for balance and harmony of the Libra Sun.  All Full Moons occur in signs of polar opposites, and therefore integration is required.  At the Aries Full Moon we are urged to honor our own needs – to forge our own path in spite of the needs and desires of others and yet to somehow find the balance of the Libra Sun and integrate our own path with a comfortable relationship with the people in our lives.

This Full Moon axis is squared by Pluto, planet of power and transformation which applies a great deal of pressure for growth and evolution, and by Saturn as well.  I think of Pluto as a “higher octave” of Mars – where Mars urges us to satisfy our own desires, Pluto acts as the Will of the Higher Self to guide us whether we ask for it or not.  The presence of Pluto adds intensity and the power of manifestation since the Will is a very strong significator of this Full Moon.  The pressure from Saturn adds a serious tone and suggests that there will be a reward for efforts made during this Full Moon.  Saturn takes us on the lonely path, so this will likely not be a time for gaiety and partying.

As if that weren’t enough, Mars, planetary ruler of the Full Moon, is in a stressful opposition to Chiron.  Chiron is a marker of emotional sensitivity and unhealed wounds, and a trigger from Mars could release old emotions and feelings that are ready to be healed.  For some of us, and depending somewhat to the degree your own chart is affected, this could open up a Pandora’s box of stuff to be liberated.

Still, a harmonious aspect from the Sun and Moon to happy Jupiter is a lovely grace card to keep the heart expanding and the love flowing.

Get your journal ready, because there will be feelings to review and assess, and any simmering resentments from past events are likely to emerge at this Full Moon.  But remember the power to initiate action and absolute freedom that lies at the heart of the Aries Full Moon!  Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you to get the most out of this lunar event:

  • If I could create my life exactly how I wanted, with no limits, what would that look like?
  • Where am I avoiding speaking my truth, and how can I be more direct?
  • Am I fully energized in my life or am I overly fatigued and tired from doing too much and not saying no?
  • How well do I balance my own needs with those of others?  Do I need to learn a better way to find that harmony between my own desires and the expectations of others?

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