Mars turned retrograde on June 26th, and even the Planetary K index which measures geomagnetic activity reacted with a level 5 storm, helping to intensity even more the aggression and heightened energy of the Mars station (catch up with Mars retrograde here).

The Moon is full in steady Capricorn now to help us find greater balance. Capricorn is the penultimate sign of practicality and worldly achievement – it helps us to focus our energy towards a goal and gain great rewards.  Capricorn is ruled by the Saturn – the old goat of time, the devil that we dislike but who is actually our greatest ally.  Saturn is like the very strict teacher who makes you practice your craft for hours at a time and tells you about all of your mistakes, but who you later thank for making you the skilled artist that you have become.  Saturn carries a dual role in this full moon – not only does it rule the Capricorn Moon, but it also conjoins the Moon giving this lunar event a double whammy of Saturnian structure.

Saturn, the Lord of Time, reminds us that “tempus fugit” – time is fleetinCapricorn full moong and we don’t know how long our life will be.  Saturn urges that we make the most out of what we have here in this moment. The Sun is in sensitive Cancer now, but under the influence of Capricorn we put our Cancerian emotions aside to do That Which Must Be Done.  Capricorn urges us to set goals and strategies for achievement, so this will help us to harness the intensity of Mars and put it to work.

The Full Moon chart includes a stressful Chiron aspect which suggest that emotions could be raw and the emergence of an old wound to be healed is likely.  But the Moon harmonizes with Uranus, inspiring us to embrace the new and more easily let go of the past, and with Ceres to help us better take care of our selves and find the nurturing we need to remain in balance.

Questions to ask ourselves to get the most out of this Full Moon time (the energies will be with us until around June 30th):

  • Where have I allowed my emotions to keep me from maintaining my focus on what is real in my life?
  • How well am I maintaining my balance between focus on work and focus on my family or “tribal” connections?
  • What are my goals for the next six months, six years, lifetime?  What do I need to do to achieve them?
  • Am I in balance with my emotional needs?
  • With Mars retrograde, what do I need to revisit or reassess in order to achieve the most out of my life?

The lunar cycles are powerful markers of planetary time, and living with these cycles can aid us in finding a natural flow of ease in our lives.

Photo by H. Raab from Flickr.

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