The time of the Full Moon, when the Sun in the sky is exactly opposite the Moon from our vantage point on earth, is always a time for balance.  The Sun is our conscious Self – our goals, our visions, our ideas that combine to create our lives.  The Moon illustrates our instincts and our subconscious needs and desires – the emotions that can be murky but always real and true.

The lunar cycle is symbolic of the dance between our conscious awareness and the inner world of the emotions, a polarity which requires balance and integration just as all polarities in astrology do.  The entire wheel of the zodiac is a system of polarities, in which each pair of signs represent oppositional forces that require balance and integration.  That is particularly true when the Moon is in Libra, the sign that more than any other embodies this dance.

Libra seeks to live an experience of harmony through peaceful interaction with others and a love of beauty and aesthetic pleasure.  This can lead to a highly sensitive nervous system, especially at the Full Moon.

The Full Moon in March occurs at 0 degrees Libra, with the Sun at the Aries Point.  This will be a significant energy portal as we shift into the new season under the Aries/Libra polarity.   Not only is this a new season, but the emotional impact of the Full Moon supercharges the shift from darkness to light, from winter to summer.  This is also a SuperMoon, meaning it is at its closest point to the Earth, but it is also at the first degree of the cardinal signs that shift us from one season into another. The 0 degree point of Aries, the Equinox point, is sometimes called the “World Point” because it orients us towards the world at large and externalizes our experience.  For my friends down under, the externalization process is more complex because spring occurs at the Libra point rather than Aries, but here in the northern hemisphere the Aries point is the harbinger of spring – the emergence of the Sun into a new trip around the Zodiacal wheel.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is a “cardinal sign” – like its opposite sign Libra it is a sign that marks the beginning of a change of season and a balance point between light and darkness.  The days are of equal length at the equinoxes, but at the Aries point the dark gives way to light.  The fire of Aries inspires an opening of a portal of energy to fuel and fire the senses and bring about a shift in our attention and in the things that we find to be important to us.

Under the Libra Full Moon we seek to find balance and equanimity in a world of intensity and stress.  We can manage this through a re-alignment of our personal relationships (Libra)  by integrating the Aries polarity of self-preservation into our connections with loved ones and others that we come into contact with.

With Mercury retrograde our attention is drawn into the past so this is the perfect time to re-examine areas of our lives to see where we need to find more balance between our own needs (Aries) and our relationships (Libra).   Mercury is retrograde in Pisces where things are not always clear and we must wait for the mists to clear before making important decisions, especially since Neptune is also tightly aligned with Mercury now.  Chiron, representing and facilitating the healing of old wounds, is tightly aligned with the lunation to amplify our emotions and feelings and bring up old wounds that have not yet been healed.  The healing of these wounds is a focus of this Full Moon, and release of old painful memories will help with the process of shifting from past into a brighter future.

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