See my original article here, and the first update here. David Carradine’s third wife, Gail Jensen, has revealed to the National Enquirer that she rescued Carradine in 1984 from an autoerotic asphyxiation episode after finding him “hanging unconscious from a beam with a belt around his neck.”  Another interview with Ms. Jensen revealed that Carradine had experimented with drowning himself in their pool.

In my earlier articles I connected Carradine’s evident fascination with the darker side of sexuality to an opposition from Pluto (death and compulsive behavior) to Venus (relating to others) in his astrological chart.   Looking back to this 1984 period, transiting Pluto was in a challenging square formation to that natal dynamic, creating a tendency for more extreme behavior and a desire to explore these darker undercurrents and experiences.

Not everyone with Pluto/Venus contacts in their chart (I myself have something similar) go to this kind of extreme or react with this kind of compulsion.   There is, though, a fascination with death and perhaps this became a kind of a game for Carradine in which he outwitted Death over and over.  After this kind of extreme life-or-death sexual experience, ordinary human relationships would have paled by comparison driving Carradine to take greater and greater risks.

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