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Recently I did what I like to call a “repair” reading for a new client after another astrologer gave her what I thought to be bad advice.  Her old astrologer had predicted that a transit of Jupiter would bring her an opportunity for new love, and that if she didn’t take advantage of it she would miss her one chance for true love.  When that transit came along, my client was newly divorced and not at all prepared for new love.

She did meet someone during that transit (Jupiter brings opportunities, and when it hits Venus in our chart it does sometimes bring someone new into our life.)   It was clear to me when I looked at the chart that with all of the other planetary cycles going on at the time, she was in a state of transformation that did not easily lend itself to new romance.   And when we delved a little more deeply into the chart of the new person it was equally clear that he really wasn’t the right person for her.

I have another client who messaged me on Facebook to let me know that right on schedule in her Jupiter/Venus transit she had met someone as I had predicted, but then later she let me know that the relationship didn’t work out, which I had also cautioned about.

As astrologers, we can predict the astrological weather but we can rarely predict specific events.  We can say “yes, during this time it is more likely that you will be meeting new people and there will be an openness to new romance.”  But we CANNOT say whether or not you will be ready for that new romance at that time, or whether this will be THE ONE or simply one on the path of preparation for THE ONE.

Yet sometimes we do see disaster on the horizon.  I did a reading for a client last fall when Saturn and Pluto were both in a challenging transit to her ascendant, suggesting difficulty in relationships.  I also saw that her husband’s progressed Midheaven, signifying the evolving way that we project ourselves into our life, was getting ready to oppose his natal Pluto which was in the sixth house of health.  I warned her that he might have health issues, and as these planetary cycles began to converge her husband was diagnosed with cancer and died very quickly.

In this case I had a bad feeling about the husband’s health, but could only caution my client that there was a possibility of trouble ahead so that she could prepare and find balance in her life for potential challenges.

Despite the fact that we can predict cycles of life with unerring precision using astrology, we can never know for certain how the events of these cycles can occur.  The timeline of our lives change every moment with each choice that we make.

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