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  • Moon enters Sagittarius the morning of the 14th and the Sun is in an energizing square to Uranus.  Later in the evening the Sun forms a harmonious sextile to Jupiter. This is a day of exploration and adventure, there will be resistance to routine.
  • The Sun is sextile Neptune on Tuesday enhancing intuition and creativity.
  • Sagittarius New Moon on the 16th is packed with planetary aspects and will be very energizing for change!
  • Moon enters Capricorn just after the New Moon, grounding and balancing the energy and helping us put it to good use.
  • Venus trines Mars on the 17th, an excellent day for meetings or negotiations.
  • Moon moves into Aquarius on the 19th and we begin to embrace that which is new and different.
  • Venus harmonizes with Chiron but is challenged by Uranus on the afternoon of the 19th.  Each of us has our own agenda on that day and we feel rebellious and resistant to control, but if we make the attempt we can understand the needs of others and wisdom will prevail.
  • Mars turns retrograde on the 20th.  
  • Ceres moves from Scorpio into Sagittarius.  Our sense of connection with the Earth is more positive and optimistic.
  • Venus harmonizes with Jupiter and Neptune late on the 20th, a beautiful day for a party or for relating to loved ones.
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