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  • Mercury conjunct Pluto late on the 6th and early on the 7th intensifies our thinking, and Mercury squares Saturn later on the 7th.  Communication will be challenging, and we may feel somewhat burdened by responsibilities and limitations.
  • Moon is extremely active on Monday the 7th, suggesting a heightened day of feelings and emotions.
  • Moon enters Virgo on the afternoon of the 7th, and it becomes easier to embrace our sense of duty and obligation.
  • Jupiter conjoins Chiron on the 7th as well, although this is a larger cycle of releasing the shackles of our old wounds.
  • Moon enters Libra the afternoon of the 9th and a desire for harmony reigns.
  • Sun trines Mars on the evening of the 10th bestowing positive energy and enthusiasm.
  • Moon enters Scorpio late on the 11th and we delve into the underground of the world of feelings.
  • Sun is in a harmonious sextile to Chiron on the 13th, illuminating the way to healing and wisdom.
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