Chiron is in Aquarius, Neptune is in Aquarius with Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, in Pisces, ruler of Neptune, and we are at the dawn of the Aquarian Age.  Aquarius is the innovator – the transpersonal human.  Transhumanists seek the ultimate perfection of the human being as beyond the confines of the laws of nature, combining artificial intelligence with extension of human life span, genetic enhancement of human capacities, combating diseases.

The most radical aspect of transhumanism is the scenario that humans will be able to transport the content of their brains, their minds, to a non-biological entity and thereby achieve immortality. Kurzweil and other transhumanist visionaries imagine a “brain-porting scenario” that will involve “scanning a human brain capturing all of the salient details.” This will entail reinstantiating the brain’s state in a different – most likely much more powerful – computational substrate. According to [Raymond] Kurzweil this will be a feasible procedure and will happen mostly likely around the late 2030s. In this scenario “we will continue to have human bodies, but they will become morphable projections of our intelligence.” Such “software-based humans,” he predicts, “will be vastly extended beyond the severe limitations of humans as we know them today. They will live out on the Web, projecting bodies whenever they need or want them, including virtual bodies in diverse realms of virtual reality, holographically projected bodies, foglet-projected bodies, and physical bodies comprising nanobot swarms and other forms of nanotechnology.” For Kurzweil this is a form of immortality, although he concedes that the data and information do not last forever; the longevity of information depends on its relevance, utility, and accessibility. [Gregory Hansell, H+/-: Transhumanism and Its Critics.]

Mr. Spock in the Star Trek series was perhaps one of the original transhumanists and an excellent example of what happens when the famous Spock logic which symbolizes the rationality of Aquarius goes to an extreme.  Earlier this year, the head of the Independent Schools Council in Britain said that within 30 years children would be learning by downloading information directly into their head.  An article I wrote back in February of 2007 makes the case for the Age of Aquarius transition around the year 2600.  When you have a 2600 year cycle, the orb of influence is fairly large, perhaps 500 years or so.  This earlier article closed with these comments which I’d like to repeat here:

In the best of all possible worlds, humans could evolve during this phase into enlightened beings, able to link the best of science with the best of spirit in a Utopian paradise of freedom and justice for everyone. Or will we face another future involving the worst of the Aquarian dynamic akin to a science fiction film: a fiercely rational and scientific future that requires perfection, using technology to create perfect humans through cloning and control of the masses via genetically manipulated food and computerized thought police? Like the Terminator and Matrix movies, will machines (technology) take over?

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