The planets are relatively quiet throughout the week, and actually for the entire month of March.  This gives the lunar influences more of a voice, and I break it all down for you here.  Mars leaves Taurus for Gemini, a big shift in the type of activation that’s available to us.  Enjoy, and the transcript is below the video and promo stuff. ❤️


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Transcript by miniature electronic figments of our imagination and roughly edited by me. Please excuse any errors!

Hey everybody, its Lynn Hayes here. Thanks for coming back to my channel. In today’s video, we’ll be talking about the astrology for the week from March 1 to march 8 2021. There’s not very much going on in the skies all through the month of March, which is kind of a relief when there’s a lot of major planetary alignments. There’s a lot of energy in the sky, there’s a lot of pressure for change, that can be really exciting. It can be exhilarating, but it can sometimes be exhausting. And we’ve had so much going on over the last 12 months. You know, it’s been almost a year since the pandemic started. So in March, there’s no outer planet alignments, really, there’s no planets retrogradem all of the planets are traveling and direct motion. So it’s a little bit of a breather, I think it’s an opportunity for us to step back a little bit, kind of regroup and see where we want to go from here.

We do have one planet changing signs this week, and that’s Mars, which is moving from Taurus into Gemini. Last year for over six months. Mars was in its own sign of Aries. It didn’t leave Aries until January and then it moved into Taurus. While Mars was in Aries. There was a lot of conflict. Mars is very fiery, it’s aggressive, and it brings out our own fire and our own aggression. Then Mars moved into Taurus, and all of a sudden we needed more stillness. This week on March 3, Mars will be moving into the sign of Gemini and it will stay there until April 23. Mars is the planet of war and aggression and assertiveness, but it also represents our physical drive our physical desires, our emotional desires, our motivations, it gives us courage and a sense of needing to defend ourselves and others as well. It also represents our passions and our aspirations where Saturn is the planet that defines our goals. Saturn’s very achievement oriented and motivates us to set goals for things that we want to achieve and accomplish. Those are very Saturn things. But without the energy of Mars and the enthusiasm to drive that we really wouldn’t have these goals or these aspirations. So Mars is very important in all of the areas of life satisfaction, really.

In traditional astrology Mars is considered an evildoer. I’ve always loved that term evildoer. But Mars is associated with unpleasant things like war and blood and knives and cutting things. You know, it has a tendency to cut things out of our life, it’s often called the lesser malefic, for that reason, but in the modern world, and in modern astrology, we don’t put that kind of judgments typically, on planets or on signs, things aren’t bad or good. In fact, in my view, a lot of the things that are considered good, Grand trines, Jupiter, you know, those are things that bring ease and comfort into our lives, but they don’t necessarily create change. And they don’t necessarily help us to grow and to evolve. If the overarching motivation is towards comfort and stability and complacency, then those things are very helpful. But if we are on a path of growth of personal growth, of transformation, then it’s really the challenging things, the hard planets, Mars and Saturn and Pluto, they’re the guys that really helped to get the work done. Mars is also very important in the area of physical health. When we have a Mars that is not expressed easily, where we tend not to speak up for ourselves, where we tend not to defend ourselves, we can often have some health problems as a result of that the energy of Mars seems to somehow backup in the psycho-emotional system. Often in those situations, I see a wide variety of health problems, generally tied to the immune system, Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, even multiple sclerosis has a Mars component. And if you’re interested in that I could do a whole video about Mars and health. So just let me know in the comments if that’s something that interests you.

Mars is moving into the sign of Gemini, as I said, and Gemini is a sign of curiosity and the intellect there’s a hunger for new experiences, and a strong desire to learn more about a wide variety of topics. Gemini is the jack of all trades and the master of none under the influence of Gemini, we tend not to have the kind of focus that’s required in order to really dive deep into a subject under the influence Gemini there’s more of a desire for a broad range of experience rather than just something that’s very focused. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which was called Hermes in Greece, he was known for his quick mind, and he was known to be a bit of a trickster. He very easily talked himself out of difficult situations. And he is also known to be a giver of charm, which I think is very interesting and under the influence of Mercury. And in this case, Gemini, we do learn how to operate in a wide variety of situations. So with Mars, the planet of action, in Gemini, the sign that looks for all of these different experiences, there’s a sense of pursuing experiences that will teach us more about ourselves. And in doing so there’s this idea that we can learn how to perform, or how to manage in a wide variety of situations, this will be a big difference from Mars, which has been in Taurus, which is very slow to act. Mars is the planet of action. And in Taurus, the sign of the bull the sign of comfort, stability, Mars can be slow to act under that Mars in Taurus influence which is shining on all of us, no matter what our chart is, like, there’s a sense of just being slower, everything is slower to unfold, there’s not a big hurry to do anything, then Mars moves into the sign of Gemini, which is much more active, curious, there’s no time to waste, there’s so many things to do. So many things to be involved in. So that’s definitely a shift. And you’ll definitely likely see a change here.

This shift from Mars from Taurus into Gemini helps to activate the intellect. We’re moving from Earth, which is very stable and grounded to air, which has much more to do with communication with learning with information. So with Mars and Gemini, we have the force of Mars, which is dispersed. So it’s diluted through all of these different experiences, this is not really going to help us to be very focused. If you have a big project that requires a lot of mental focus, you may want to use some of your other planetary gifts to make that happen. This is a time when we’re going to require more organizational tools. Because everything is so interesting, it may be more difficult to settle down to one project, and make sure that that’s completed, if that’s a concern to you. On the positive side with Mars in Gemini, there’s a strong desire to communicate, to collaborate to interact with others. Gemini is sort of known to be chatty, conversational, you know, under the influence of Gemini, there’s a tendency for more discussion. It’s also a good time for writers because Gemini does have a lot to do with communication. It’s ruled by Mercury. And here is Mars with a drive being to communicate and to express our views and to share information. Mars enters Gemini on March 3, that’s really the only major thing to talk about this week. So let’s get right to the week ahead.

On Monday, March 1, we begin with the Moon in Libra all day that day. And over the course of the day on Monday, the Libra Moon will interact harmoniously in trines to the Aquarius planets. So that’s Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury. This is a very harmonious day where people are getting along, where we’re not really blocked from doing anything that we want to do. But things come very easily when we’re dealing with a Trine. It’s not a time, as I said before, or there’s going to be a crisis that’s going to result in some sort of Great Awakening, but it’s going to be very comfortable. The Moon and Libra really craves that comfort, craves that sense of harmony, and we’ll definitely get it on Monday, March 1.

On Tuesday, March 2, we have a harmonious Trine from Mercury, which is in Aquarius to the North Node, which is in Gemini aspects and transits to the North Node aren’t really powerful experiences. I believe that it’s very unusual that anybody really wakes up that day and says, “Oh my gosh, my destiny was just changed.” The North Node is involved in the path to the future. It is a point of fate and destiny. And when there is a planetary alignment affecting the North Node, of course, it also affects the South node. So there’s a release at the south node that helps to prepare us to move more fully into the future as suggested by the North Node. But these are more subtle influences. I feel so here we have more Mercury in the sign of Aquarius – the planet of the mind in the sign of reason and logic, harmonizing with the point of the future. It’s possible that on Tuesday, March 2 under this influence that there may be some sort of message that you receive either from inside your own thoughts from the inner voice, or perhaps from a voice that comes to you from outside. And you may not even notice it, but you may look back and say, oh, that phone call it really changed my life. Or it may be that you have a thought or an idea to change something about your life and it has a lasting effect such as watch for any messages that you might experience on this day.

Tuesday is not going to be quite as mellow and harmonious as Monday, because the Libra Moon will form a square to Capricorn at 9:09am Eastern time. And then later in the afternoon, eastern time, after about 3pm the Moon will be moving into Scorpio, which is more intense, which is more passionate. But that morning square from the Moon to Pluto can cause a deepening of the intensity of our feelings and emotions. And we have the Libra Moon seeking that harmony. And then here comes Pluto saying not so fast. How about these other things that you’ve been ignoring these things that might create some conflict but that need resolution. Ultimately, Pluto’s role I feel is to create the kind of transformation that will help us to connect more deeply at a soul level, which will in turn, help us to move more smoothly and easily in the direction of our destiny. So it’s a very important planet and personal transformation. It’s easy to be afraid of it. It does relate to death and destruction and rebirth and all those heavy things. But Pluto is also a wise guide. And I think if we look at Pluto that way, it makes our whole astrological journey much more rewarding, really. So we have the Moon going into Scorpio at 3:38pm on Tuesday, March 2 and after that time, the depth of our emotion really takes precedence. There’s going to be no hiding from our feelings so we might as well just dive on in express them. Scorpio is a water sign so it is about emotion but it’s also ruled by Mars. It’s very passionate. Mars is the traditional ruler Pluto is the modern ruler before Pluto was discovered. Of course, Mars was the ruler of Scorpio and Mars describes the passionate nature of Scorpio. But Pluto describes the intensity and the depth of the experience that we have under a Scorpio influence. So the Moon in Scorpio helps us to go very deeply into the realm of feelings without judgment without fear, just the experience.

Also on Tuesday, we have an aspect that’s beginning to build which won’t culminate until the following day on Wednesday, but we’ll definitely be starting to feel it on Tuesday. That’s a harmonious sextile from Venus which is in Pisces to Uranus which is in Taurus Venus in Pisces is very compassionate. The emotion of Pisces is very open. There is no self in the emotion of Pisces. So it’s not about “this is how I feel,” the emotion of Pisces as more of the sort of universal consciousness, universal compassion when Venus is in Pisces. It’s said to be exalted because that’s the highest expression of human love. So there’s this beautiful magical Venus in Pisces influence harmonizing with Uranus the planet of change the planet of new paradigms, this aspect will only last for a day or so. it culminates Wednesday at around noon, and I usually give about 36 hours for Venus aspects. So we’ll definitely start feeling it, you know, sometime on Tuesday, and sometimes these very harmonious aspects, we don’t even really notice them. You know, it’s like when the temperature of a room is comfortable. Nobody says the temperature is so comfortable. Right now, we only notice when we’re cold or when we’re hot. It’s kind of the same thing with harmonious planetary aspects, especially when they’re very soft like this one with Venus. But it is a wonderful time that day for any kind of interaction with other humans, it would be a wonderful time to see a friend, it would be a beautiful time to spend time with your partner if you have one. If you’re single, and if you’re alone, it still is a beautiful time to just be with yourself. This Venus aspect can work to forge more enlightened relationships or more enlightened interactions with other people. So If we’re alone and we’re spending time by ourselves, we can still have this awakening of a new way to interact with the other people that are in your life.

On Wednesday that lovely Venus Uranus aspect culminates at around noon eastern time, and then between seven at about 8:30pm. Eastern time, please always suggest for your own locality, the Scorpio Moon complex with Mercury and with Jupiter. When the Moon complex in a square with Jupiter there can be some arguments especially Scorpio. Scorpio with its modern ruler being Pluto, the planet of power is very sensitive to who has power and Scorpio really wants to hold on to power and doesn’t really like to give it away. And when we have a square from the Scorpio, Moon to Mercury, any kind of argument, even though it may seem superficial and relatively meaningless, could have more meaning and more depth than we might expect. It could reveal other power issues that kind of lie beneath the surface. And when the Scorpio Moon squares Mercury that can just kind of expand the situation, when there’s a challenging aspect to Jupiter. It’s not as challenging as with some other planets because Jupiter is generally benefit sent. But there can still be some frustration if we’re not able to really achieve the kind of experience that we’re looking for in that moment. So this is between seven and 8:30pm is when those aspects are exact eastern time I would expect them to start building maybe in the afternoon and then by the later evening they will have moved on.

And then Mars enters Gemini around 1030 that night on Thursday March 4 we have a conjunction from Mercury to Jupiter and Aquarius this aspect doesn’t combinate until late in the evening around 1030 eastern time, but it will be building all through the day. Mercury and Jupiter are both in the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is really the sign of the higher mind, this idea of the higher mind has a lot of different avenues in astrology, the higher mind in terms of knowledge is associated with the sign of Sagittarius. But the higher mind in terms of the intuition that just descends on us just an inner knowing we don’t know where it came from. But all of a sudden we have an intuitive flash. That is kind of brilliant. And we have no idea what it means. But it takes us in a direction that’s completely new. That’s a very Aquarian type of experience. And we have Mercury, the Planet of the mind, and Jupiter, the planet of philosophy and the planet that shows where we find meaning in life, both in the sign of Aquarius, this idea of change and of really needing to experience a life that has real meaning for us it feels authentic.

This is a theme actually now that I think of it in many of the readings that I’ve done since the beginning of the year, especially in the last couple of months. We’ve had all these planets in Aquarius. Aquarius does ask whether we are leading a life that’s authentic to us. And if we’re not, we generally are made very aware of that. And when you come to one of these Aquarian times, or if you’re having a transitive Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius, often we look at our life and we go What am I doing? I’ve had this job for 20 years. I thought I loved it, but now I can’t stand it. You know it doesn’t fit me anymore. And this is the thing we are right now we’re in this time of major change. Anything that doesn’t fit has got to go this transit this conjunction from Mercury to Jupiter only lasts for about a day or so it’s a time when these themes may be in the forefront of our mind. So watch for that.

On Thursday, March 4, the Moon is still in Scorpio and at 11 o 9am. That day, the Scorpio Moon forms a harmonious sextile to Pluto because Pluto as we’ve talked about is the modern ruler of Scorpio. This has some extra kind of punch the Scorpio Moon is already powerful and intense harmonizing with Pluto now this aspect only lasts for a few hours by early afternoon eastern time it will have already gone and then the Moon will enter Sagittarius around 5:42pm eastern time when the Moon moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius. You know every time there’s this shift between the signs. Each sign is so different than the one before it. There’s a definite change of mood. So here we’re moving from Scorpio which is so passionate, so intense. And we’re moving into Sagittarius, which really has a drive to be happy and optimistic which has a much longer range view. Scorpio can kind of get bogged down in some of these emotional details, especially if there’s a sticking point with power dynamic. But then the Moon moves into Sagittarius on Thursday afternoon and there’s immediately sort of a left right after the Moon moves into Sagittarius. It’s going to oppose Mars, which is now in Gemini, this kind of stressful opposition between the Sagittarius Moon and Mars and Gemini is not going to be as extreme as some other opposition’s could be. Sagittarius is generally pretty positive and optimistic. And Mars and Gemini is just kind of open minded having lots of different experiences. Sagittarius and Gemini are the two polarities that probably have the most in common and have the least amount of stress. But this is definitely a time of curiosity of learning, you know, the mind is open and stuff can just fall in it.

And that takes us to Friday, March 5, the Moon is in Sagittarius conjunct the South node The Sun is in Pisces squaring the nodal axis the nodes of the Moon representing the direction from past to future. The Sagittarius Moon conjunct the South node perhaps calling to us from the past, bringing up something that might be unresolved something that we need to let go of in order to move forward. And then the Sun, the solar conscious mind, and a challenging square aspect to both ends of the nodal axes, there could be a choice or it could be a change. Of course, there could be an awareness that perhaps we’re going down a path that doesn’t really take us to our destination, we may need to make a slight coarse adjustment on that day. So just watch for that I’d be very interested if any of you have this sort of experience. Meanwhile, the S