(For more information, see these past articles discussing the Grand Cross of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune in effect for the next few weeks.)

For the past month or so, four planets have been dancing in a “Grand Cross” formation, with two sets of two planets opposite each other and square to their neighbors. Since early November, we have seen a face-off with Mars (god of war and aggression) in a square (90 degree angle, within 5 degrees) to Saturn (restriction and limitation). Saturn has been opposite Neptune (the hidden or mysterious, confusion and illusion). Jupiter (god of philosophy, religion, theology and meaning) joined the party in early December, and the so-called War on Christmas became the focal point for some of the tension evident in American culture. In other parts of the world, the Iranian president denied that that the Holocaust ever took place, and in Iraq the historic election demonstrated the obvious fact that the Iraqi people self-identified along cultural lines.

These planets will continue their dance through the end of January, culminating in the middle of the month when the formation between Mars, Jupiter and Neptune is exact at 15-16 degrees. Saturn will have retrograded backwards to the point where its influence falls out of the picture, which will soften the effect somewhat. Saturn is rigid and creates tension which often results in an explosion that instigates change, where Neptune is soft and fuzzy and creates mostly confusion. With Mars and Jupiter there is a lot of spiritual ego and self-righteousness, with little possibility of compromise. However, the fiery drama we’ve seen over the past month is likely to subside.

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