Usually we see this predominate when Mercury is retrograde, but the last few weeks since Jupiter squared Uranus anecdotal evidence reports that such problems are rampant. Delayed travel, downed websites (mine and many of the ones I am trying to visit!). Miscommunication and situations that require renegotiation. Technology and personal communication both require the transfer of information from one port to another, and when the electrical energy of the planet Uranus is expanded and aggrandized by Jupiter’s tendency to overinflate a situation when in a square aspect, problems seem to arise.

I am not a scientist, but I have a healthy respect for the power of electrical fields. The earth itself is a magnetic body, and the human body generates its own magnetic field. We are familiar with the traditional astrological meaning of Uranus: rebellion, radical change, autonomy, insight. But Uranus is also associated with electricity and on a more transcendent level, the electromagnetic field that surrounds the body. It makes sense to me that an expansion by Jupiter of the electromagnetic fields of Uranus could create situations where the connections between various electric fields go haywire, causing a disruption in the transfer of information.

This has long been known by the ancient Vedic sages who described the biomagnetic bodies, or “sheaths” of the human being as beginning with the physical body to the more subtle bodies. Disruption of the electrical signals within the body can lead to illness and psychoemotional reactions, and it makes sense to me that a change in the quality of electromagnetic fields could have an disruptive effect. Comments anyone?

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