As if we might be tempted to forget about the seven phase cycle of the challenging planetary dynamic (square formation) involving Uranus and Pluto, the third phase was marked by a violent tornado in Oklahoma as the square formation reached exactitude yesterday, May 20th, at 2:45 pm local time.  This tornado was graded an F-4 in intensity.  Less than one percent of all tornadoes have been graded F-4.

Uranus and Pluto will have made a total of seven exact alignments by the time the cycle ends in 2015.  Not all of them will be marked with disasters.  But when Uranus and Pluto enter into their dance every forty years or so, change is inevitable. These are the two most powerful planets in the astrological pantheon, and their interaction in a challenging interaspect creates destruction and rebuilding of any area of our life, political or personal, that is stuck in a past that no longer function.

Some of us are experiencing this on a very personal level if our own charts are affected by this cycle which will be especially intense for those of us who are 20-22, 40-42, 61-63 or 83-85 and undergoing a major Uranus transit of our own.  Understanding that the framework of the world in which we live is shifting – that’s the key to successfully navigating these interesting times.

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