Over the past week, and throughout November, the planet Uranus and the lunar nodes will be locked in a square (90 degree) formation.  The nodes of the Moon are points where the journey of the Moon through the sky crosses the path of the Sun, and these points are associated with the soul’s journey from past to future.

I view the outer planets as transformational forces which inspire us, activating something in the personality in order to create change where change is necessary.  Uranus is the planet of change itself – under the influence of Uranus we tend to become restless with anything in our lives that feels stuck, and sometimes we find ourselves faced with shocking events that serve to knock us from our comfort zone.

Our lives are built on patterns of expectation.  We expect that we will wake up in the morning, and that we will follow our normal routines during the day.  Uranus tends to break apart those expectations, at best helping us to see our lives through new eyes.  At its most difficult, Uranus can bring about a drastic change that forces a change in perspective.

Planetary cycles occur on several planes at once.  The alignment of the planets in the sky (which I write about in my Planetary Illuminations newsletter) affect everyone on the planet on a macro level.  When these alignments interact with the planets in our own natal chart, they stimulate change or evolution on a much more personal level.  There are other layers of planetary influence as well: to our relationships, to our communities and countries, to our evolving selves.

The current square between Uranus and the lunar nodes could bring about surprising events in our lives that shake us up and inspire us to create change.  Or perhaps, force us to make change.  Uranus doesn’t always create drastic experiences – the more our lives reflect our authentic selves the easier a Uranus cycle will often be.  These cycles are far more difficult when we feel stuck in a situation – a marriage, a job, a way of thinking – that no longer serves us, but we can’t bring ourselves to make a change.

Uranus is retrograde now, and it will retrograde from Taurus back into Aries on November 6th and stay in Aries until March 2019.  Over the next month, with Uranus squaring the nodes of the Moon, we will likely be faced with questions that challenge us to change in some way.  This could be as simple as a change of viewpoint, and it could be as dramatic as a situation that forces a major life change.  This is a good time to take note of any place in our life or in our psyche where we may feel stuck, and see what needs to be done in order to facilitate greater movement and a change in the patterns of our lives.

It is said that change is inevitable, and progress is optional.  Under this subtle Uranus influence during the month of November, we have a valuable ally in the embrace of changes that will help us to optimize the passage of our lives from the south node of the past to the north node of a future that is in harmony with our authentic selves.



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