2017 inaugurationDonald J. Trump will be inaugurated as President of the United States on January 20th at 12:00 pm, Washington DC.  The astrological chart for the inauguration is the chart for the presidency, so let’s take a look.

Inauguration Chart astrology

The Sun is in the first degree of Aquarius, the sign of freedom and social justice as well as radical behavior and revolution from the past, and it sits in the 10th house of highest aspiration, so this is a very favorable indication of the success of the presidency.  The chart has no planets in retrograde motion which is extremely rare – this suggests that there will not be a lot of looking back into the past for reflection but instead events will unfold rather quickly.

Inauguration chart - click to enlarge

Inauguration chart – click to enlarge

The Moon is in Scorpio which is all about dominance and who has more power than whom, but it is well aspected with a trine to Pallas (wisdom), Neptune (spirit) and Venus (attraction), all in Pisces to soften the Scorpionic intensity.  The Moon is in the 6th house where it’s all about getting things done, which is a nice place for it.

The 11th house is packed with a stellium of planets in Pisces which is not a great sign for political advantage.  Pisces is dreamy and mystical and often too concerned with lofty matters to be very practical or realistic.  The Venus/Neptune conjunction in Pisces makes it difficult to know who our allies are and whether they can be trusted, especially in the 11th house of shared goals.  Chiron (emotional wounds) is packed in there between Venus (allies) and Mars (aggression) which suggests what we are all suspecting – that Trump’s emotional reactivity will stimulate an aggressive response (Chiron/Mars) to threaten alliances with other nations (Venus, all in the 11th house).

The conjunction of Eris (discord) and Uranus (rebellion) that I wrote about here is still in effect and the unpredictability of the global political landscape continues through this year.  Eris and Uranus are opposite Jupiter (good fortune and luck) which would normally amplify and intensify the potential chaos of Eris/Uranus, but Jupiter is in a rather fortunate placement in Libra and in the 6th house of obligation where it will help to forge new and unexpected alliances.  However, a square from expansive Jupiter to Pluto (power and death) suggests that the exertion of power and power struggles will be a hallmark of this presidency.

Donald Trump astrological update

Donald Trump’s astrological chart (see this earlier article for a detailed profile) shows that he is in the beginning of quite a few major cycles – a few challenging ones involving Saturn (tests and restriction) and lots of Jupiter (good luck and expansion) including his Jupiter return and a harmonious trine from Jupiter to his Sun (Self), both supremely fortunate cycles.  Under the Jupiter influence he has the potential to achieve success and the opening of doors of opportunity.  Under the Saturn influence he will be blocked and challenged which with his personality will be frustrating and potentially depressing.

We like to think about Jupiter as being happy and always wonderful, but in a personality like Trump the expansive influence and added confidence of Jupiter can make an extreme personality even more extreme.  Jupiter cycles are often present in the charts of criminals, bestowing the confidence and sense of well being that unleashes their repressed madness.  I’m certainly not saying that Trump will become a mad criminal under the influence of Jupiter, but it is certain to expand his already narcissistic and bombastic personality rather than temper it.  The repression of Saturn will likely be experienced as coming from outside him rather than inside, because he is not an introspective individual.

There is always a chance that the Presidential office will transform the man, and he will step up to the majesty of his responsibilities and utilize his positive planetary cycles for the good of the nation rather than utilize them for himself, just as he has utilized other resources throughout his business life.


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