Thanks to Dharmaruci for this link to an article describing the tight Yod aspect between Venus, Mars and Saturn that is moving into formation now and will be strong on Valentine’s Day. A Yod aspect involves two planets in sextile that are each 150 degress (quincunx) from the apex planet. The sextile is an exciting and harmonious aspect and the quincunx an irritating and somewhat stressful aspect, so the combination of the two together typically results in a process that is more dynamic than either the sextile or the quincunx can be on their own. Sextiles generate excitement but typically don’t effect change, and the quincunx is challenging with no way to resolve the stress.
From the article:

The two planets dancing together in this Valentine sextile are Venus and Mars. Venus is in exaltation in Pisces, full of compassion, love, acceptance, with a deep love for both humanity and the Creator. There is the ability for selfless service, especially towards those suffering in the world. It is harmonizing spirit and form. But it can also loose the sense of its own identity especially if illusions or psychic influences overtake sensibilities.

Mars is also in exaltation in Capricorn with the strength to make commitments, stay the course, and ultimately may desire to penetrate and set free anything that inhibits, restrains or represses inner freedom. But it can also be extremely controlling, moralistic and inhibited, often through traditional religious conditioning.

If no cooperative effort is made between this Mars and Venus, the low side of the energies is our love being chained and hidden as we are psychically controlled by government or religious authorities and conditioning. But with just a little effort, these two planetary energies use the strength of a Capricorn Mars to break through any limitations and restrictions that would keep the world in suffering and support the service of this most loving Venus in bringing peace, harmony and beauty to the world.

So where does Saturn in Leo fit into this? Generally speaking, Saturn, detriment in Leo, may have lost sight of the father or Father. So although the child is born, which is a very creative act, the second half of the creation is aborted through what is often the absence of a real parent/child relationship, and so an essential element of self identity is also lost. There is then the temporary barrier between the person and his creative flow. Shadows are pushed down, self-love is largely absent and life has lost its spontaneity. Leo’s natural ability to affirm life is stifled. Venus inconjunct Saturn in this state creates an extreme loss of self worth and Mars inconjunct Saturn can compensate through cruelty.

But Saturn is also our teacher and helps us lay a strong foundation to rebuild on. So there can be an equal seriousness towards affirming life. With Venus in Pisces inconjunct this Saturn in Leo, the tension is released with the adjustment that lets the love flow without feeling insignificant, rising above the psychic currents and building a foundation of strength and worthiness, the heart unlocked to the power of life, creating life, and seeing the beauty in all things.

Mars in Capricorn inconjunct Saturn is the ability to know through experience driven by one’s will that the power and control is internal. In the more feminine orientation of Capricorn, looking inward shows that he has not lost his creativity and no longer needs to prove himself to understand success.

Mars in Capricorn can protect the inherent desires of tradition and religious backgrounds, which can provide a safe haven for life’s creativity to flow, without losing the love we can have for all humankind. It can be surmounting obstacles through spiritual love. And so, Saturn can join the Great Dance with Mars and Venus, fully participating in life and creativity.

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