Astrological update for the week of June 5-12, 2023

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Venus in Leo and the Venus retrograde cycle. Venus leaves emotional cancer for Leo on June 5th, and will remain in Leo until October. This is a nice long time to enjoy the beneficial light of Venus, planet of love, in the sign of the Sun! This week we may find ourselves feeling a greater need for validation from those around us since a stressful aspect from Venus to intense Pluto, and then later in the week to Jupiter, may distort some of our perceptions of our interactions. Once we are through these stressors, though, the beauty of Venus in Leo will shine through.

The next few months are a wonderful time for celebrating our friendships, our romances, our partners, and there is plenty of creative energy too. Have fun with your appearance – change your hairstyle, get some new outfits that are colorful and playful. Leo is all about finding the joy in life, and this is the time to do it.

Venus will turn retrograde on July 22nd and will remain in retrograde motion until September, not leaving Leo until October.  Venus  in extroverted Leo this whole time will offset some of the usual retrograde Venus effects: limited social activity and reassessment of current relationship involvements. It’s often said that relationships which begin when Venus is retrograde will never work out, but in my experience that’s not always true. In any retrograde period we tend to review our lives, reassessing what we need and what we hope for. Sometimes this involves meeting someone new who perhaps would not have caught your gaze in normal times, but because you are looking now through a different lens you observe something new and attractive. It’s also likely that we will regain contact with an old friend who might have lost touch.

Venus is retrograde for 40 days, which is interesting in light of the significance of this time period which you can read more about here.

Pluto retrogrades back into Capricorn. Pluto dipped a toe into Aquarius in May and has already been charging into the future with AI and new ways of living in community. Pluto is in its annual retrograde cycle now, and will retrograde back into Capricorn in June where it will spend the rest of the year (until January). I covered this in the introduction, but note that during this whole  time Pluto will only travel about three degrees, so if your own chart is affected personally by Pluto right now it could be fairly intense. Under the influence of Pluto we are in the hands of fate, and a certain level of trust is required to navigate through.

Ceres opposite Neptune. This is the final phase of a cycle which has called into question how well we balance our self-care routines and inner balance (Ceres) with the call of the spirit (Neptune). This dynamic has been in effect all week but will likely have just a mild influence, if any. It wouldn’t hurt, though, to plan some kind of care for the body and soul this week to pay homage to this aspect which helps us to explore the pull between the transcendent and the physical.

Mercury enters Gemini. The planet of the mind is as happy as it can be in Gemini, one of its rulership signs. When Mercury is in Gemini ideas flow more freely, there is abundance curiosity and a desire to explore new experiences and realities. Mercury will remain in Gemini until June 26.

Okay! On to this week’s forecast.( Dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, here is a time zone converter to adjust for your locality.)

Monday June 5.  Just before Venus enters Leo and begins the fun summer, the Moon slips into serious Capricorn and turns the mood to something more serious. Fortunately, the lunar influences are harmonious and supportive which will help us to find ways to balance some of the relationship stressors which are possible under the stressful Venus/Pluto aspect described above. This planetary stressor will linger into Tuesday, but that Capricorn Moon does make it easier to deal with any problems that arise. (Moon enters Capricorn 3:30 am, Venus enters Leo 9:46 am, Moon trine Jupiter 10:43 am, Venus opposite Pluto 12:04 pm, Moon sextile Saturn 3:11 pm.)

Tuesday June 6.  Venus/Pluto tensions may linger into Tuesday, especially in the morning, but after noonish the lunar influences support stability and grounding as the Moon finishes its passage through Capricorn. (Moon square Chiron 10:46 am, trine Uranus 1:10 pm, trine Mercury 5:33 pm, trine Ceres 11:36 pm.)

Wednesday June 7.  Tensions could arise today under lunar challenges once the Moon enters Aquarius and challenges both Pluto and Venus. Any interpersonal  issues that may have come up on Monday could pop up again, and Mars and Jupiter are involved too especially later in the day. Aquarius tends to bestow perspective, though, so this could be a good time to see a situation with greater clarity. (Moon sextile Neptune 12:39 am, Moon enters Aquarius 4:41 am, conjunct Pluto 4:47 am, opposite Venus 7:38 am, square Jupiter 12:34 pm, opposite Mars 10:10 pm.)

Thursday June 8. On Thursday we get a planetary rest. No planetary alignments (other than some easy ones involving Mercury and the mind), and the lunar aspects are mostly harmonious. In the afternoon we may get some exciting ideas – be ready with pen and paper to get creative! (Moon trine Sun 9:29 am, sextile Chiron 12:08 pm, square Uranus 2:37 pm.)

Friday June 9. Friday brings a boost of creativity and inspiration, with the Moon entering Pisces in the morning and harmonizing with Jupiter in the afternoon. Moreover, a dreamy Mercury/Neptune interaction urges us to let go of the cares of the world and find some magic somewhere. A peaceful healing solar aspect is building throughout the day to peak on Saturday.

Try not to drift off too far, though, because a lunar aspect to Saturn in early evening could bring us abruptly back to earth. In any case this is a beautiful day for anything involving creativity or spiritual exploration. (Moon square Mercury 12:23 am, Moon enters Pisces 6:14 am, Mercury trine Ceres 2:34 pm, Moon sextile Jupiter 3:02 pm, Mercury sextile Neptune 5:14 pm, Moon conjunct Saturn 6:15 pm.

Saturday June 10. That heart-opening aspect for peace and healing culminates in the wee hours of the morning Saturday but will linger throughout the day. This is the peak of the Neptune/Ceres cycle, and a decision may be required which presents a conflict between the heart and what we know to be true. (Sun sextile Chiron 3:06 am, Neptune opposite Ceres 12:04 pm, Moon square Sun 3:31 pm, sextile Uranus 5:20 pm.)

Sunday June 11. Sunday is just packed with astrological importance. As described in the introduction, Pluto turns retrograde that day. Mercury enters Gemini that day. The Moon enters Aries that day and fires up the emotional engines. Fortunately, the planetary interactions are mostly harmonious but with this many planetary bodies changing signs we may find ourselves in a lot of turmoil. Turmoil isn’t always negative, sometimes it brings changes that stimulate and excite us. It’s safe to say though that Sunday won’t necessarily be a day of rest, so stay on your toes. (Moon conjunct Neptune 5:09 am, opposite Ceres 5:23 am, Pluto rx into Capricorn 5:35 am, Mercury trine Pluto 6:26 am, Mercury enters Gemini 6:26 am, Moon sextile Pluto 9:20 am, Moon enters Aries 9:20 am, Moon sextile Mercury 9:43 am, Venus square Jupiter 11:39 am, Moon trine Venus 7:40 pm.)

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