This week I discuss the impacts of today’s Aquarius Full Moon (you can read more about that here) as well as how to manage the impact of Mars in Aries interacting with the Capricorn planets.  These videos are perfect for beginners so dive right in!  (Transcript below, but for the full benefit of the information, including slides to graphically explain the planetary energies, I highly recommend watching the video.)

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Hey everybody, my name is Lynn Hayes Welcome back to my channel if you’re new here welcome as well. Every Monday I’m posting a video on the astrological influences of the upcoming week to help us to make the most out of the week.

In today’s video, which will cover August 3 through the 10th, 2020, I want to start with a look at the Aquarius Full Moon, which just occurred early in the morning on August 3 Eastern Daylight Time, please suggest for your own locality. And then we’ll be talking about the details of what’s coming up for us for the rest of the week. Finally, in the third section, we’ll be talking about the movement of the Moon through the different signs and how we can best use those energies. The lunar energies influence our mood andPPlanning by the Moon can help us to be more effective in our lives.

I know I talked about the Full Moon in Aquarius last week, but let’s just review a few points. In talking about the Aquarius Full Moon I want to talk mostly about the modern rulership, which is Uranus the traditional ruler of Aquarius is Saturn and Saturn describes the more scientific aspects of Aquarius in modern times Aquarius has become associated more with this idea of breaking out of routines, social justice and being concerned for the collective and that is the purview of Uranus, which was not discovered until the late 1700s. So Uranus, is fairly new to the astrological pantheon. But it does really help to describe this idea of breaking free of something that’s no longer working. And that’s really the theme of this Full Moon. The Full Moon strongest in the lead up to it. So since the Full Moon occurred just after midnight eastern time on August 3, it was strongest for the few days before. And now we’re in the period where that energy is dissipating, but it will certainly still see that for a day or two.

The Full Moon is the culmination of the lunar cycle. It’s about activating something and this Full Moon in Aquarius, was actually also in a challenging square to Uranus and that square was nearly exact, so that means there was a lot of pressure from Uranus on the Aquarius Full Moon ruled by Uranus so we call that a double whammy, which means that connection is very important. So with Uranus there is a breakthrough. There’s a breaking through something that is no longer working. I’ve been talking about that, and I’m sure I’ll be talking about that every week.  Right now we are in a phase where our world is disappearing. The world that we knew is disappearing, and we are rebuilding something in its place. And what is that going to be? That’s really the question of this Full Moon.

The energy of the Full Moon is going to begin to fade in the first couple of days of the week. Now, we also have a major cycle happening for the next several months. And that’s Mars, the planet of action, and impulse and desire and inspiration and motivation. Mars is often considered the planet of anger. A lot of people say “I don’t like my Mars,” but Mars is really important. Mars is what motivates us to get up out of bed and do something that excites us. Mars right now is in its own sign of Aries. When Mars is in Aries, it’s even more Marsy – it’s even more assertive and aggressive and it’s impulsive and it’s impatient. Mars in Aries does not like to wait around. Now, unfortunately for Mars, and maybe for us too, by association, we have three planets in the sign of Capricorn. We have Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto. Those three planets in Capricorn are kind of holding everything down. They’re forcing us to pay attention to what’s real and what’s practical and what’s hard and what’s not fun. Mars this week begins a challenging square to all of those Capricorn planets. Between the third of August, which is the week that we’re talking about now, and the end of August, Mars is going to be moving through that square to all of these planets.

This is probably the most significant thing that’s happening this month. These triggers of Mars can create a lot of conflict in the world. And we’re certainly seeing that there’s no doubt about it, it’s likely to intensify, we may ourselves especially if we’re triggered by any of these planetary cycles we make ourselves feel frustrated with. I’m sure most of us feel frustrated right now. But this you know, Mars is like a spark from a match that lights a big fire. And the first thing that we have this week is Mars, squaring Jupiter on the fourth, and that is really going to be leading up. You know, from the minute you watch this video, and if you watch the video anytime this week, you’ll likely be feeling this. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and optimism and confidence. So anything that Jupiter touches, or that’s touched by Jupiter expands. So when Mars is in a square to Jupiter, it’s sort of like the wildfires in California that just, you know a breeze comes and blows them out of control. That’s kind of what we’re seeing right now with Mars squaring Jupiter.

Now on the 13th, which is next week, Mars is going to square Pluto. And that is going to raise the intensity level even more. So what’s really important this week, especially if you know your chart at all (you can get a free natal chart here), if you have planets between 15 and 30 degrees of any of the cardinal signs which are Libra, Capricorn, Cancer and Aries, you’re going to be triggered by these events. So you we are all going to need to be careful. Anytime there’s a lot of Mars energy, we want to be physically active. We want to make sure we’re blowing off any excess energy so that we can use what’s left for the good, for positive means.  Towards the end of the month, Mars is then going to square Saturn, which is the last of the three Capricorn planets. This is only phase one of this, these big Mars triggers. Phase Two is going to happen in October and phase three and December. So this is really just the beginning, we’re going to really need to learn how to manage the intensity of these energies.

I think this is going to be especially difficult for those of us whose lives have been changed by the corona virus. Anybody who’s in lockdown anybody, like some clients of mine who are stuck living with their parents, or who are confined in situations that are really uncomfortable? These Mars cycles are going to be most difficult, and it’s going to be really important to learn how to manage these energies. Some of the ways of doing that are certainly things like yoga, tai chi, chi gong, you know, these are activities that actually help to move the energy and help us to kind of control the energy. The other thing that’s really important with big Mars events is setting intentions, being clear about intentions. We’re in a situation right now where we can do anything we want. It doesn’t matter how many affirmations you say, you know, we are severely limited by the current situation. But we can create clear intentions for what’s essential, for what we really need ,for what is absolutely critical for our life to be able to continue with any kind of joy.

On August 3, the day of the Full Moon and this aspect is embedded in the chart at the Full Moon, we have a conjunction of Venus to the North Node. The North Node of the Moon is a symbol of our future, a gateway. And with Venus conjunct the North Node, there may be a very significant message, or a very significant contact with somebody around you, it could be somebody new, could be somebody you already know. But there’s going to be some sort of contact that plants a seed that will help us to move forward into this future. The North Node just sort of guides us effortlessly, we don’t really have to do anything. The North Node is always pulling us towards our future destiny. And here’s Venus conjunct the North Node, helping to facilitate this process. This is a really nice kind of softening influence for that Full Moon chart.

Speaking of joy, I want to talk now about the rest of the details of the week and one of those is that Mercury is going to be moving into Leo. Leo is the sign of joy and Mercury is the planet that describes what we think about how we communicate how we interact with others. So when Mercury is in the sign of Leo, we tend to think more positively, it’s becomes easier to think about how what would really make me happy. And these are the important things to know right now. What will really make us happy? What is the essence of what we need in our life right now? We’re not going to be able to take the trips to Europe, we’re not going to be able to probably, you know, invest in a business because the economy is contracting. What is essential? What do we really need to feel that joy in our hearts? That’s what Mercury in Leo is about to teach us for a few weeks.

Venus is going to move into the sign of Cancer on August 7.  When Venus is in Cancer, we become much more interested in family bonds, connecting with others in ways that have real meaning that are emotional, that are caring that are nurturing will likely have an increase in a desire to feed somebody, you know, let’s have a meal together, the sharing of food is an important way, especially under the sign of Cancer, in which we show our love and our feelings and our affection for each other. And that’s something that we may have been missing during quarantine. Venus is going to be in Cancer for several weeks. And this is really going to be a time when we’re going to want to forge stronger bonds in our interactions with others in ways that will help us to feel more grounded and more centered and more connected to our own hearts.

Between August 8 and 11th. Venus is going to be interacting with both Chiron and Uranus, Chiron and Uranus have been in a semi sextile which is a 30 degree aspect since 2008. That’s a very long time and that’s because of the weird orbit of Chiron that’s very elliptical and it tends to like to stay connected to one planet for years. And this intersection of Chiron and Uranus has a lot to do with the intersection of our own personal healing Chiron in the sign of Aries, which is an individual adventure. Under Chiron in Aries the focus has really been on our individual wounds and our individual journey. But then Uranus, the outer planet, the inspirational planet that inspires us to transcend the personal and to be concerned with the collective and Uranus, is in Taurus, where we’re building new modes of security for the collective and so this sort of pressure between But wait, this is my own healing journey. But then Uranus is always urging us “No wait, social justice. It’s about the collective how are you going to fit into the collective?”  This is what all of this has been about since 2008. And this is going to continue through 2021.

Also this week between August 8 and the 11th, Mercury,  planet of the mind and communication, intersects with these questions, so these are the kinds of issues that are probably going to be coming up this week, especially between the 8th and the 11th. How am I healing? Where are my wounds? And how does that support or interfere with my ability to be able to create change in the world that I want to see.

And then on the 13th, we have that challenging squaring from Mars to Pluto that I was talking about earlier. We’re going to be feeling all this Mars stuff all week, you’re not going to be able to say, Oh, this is Mars, Pluto that she was talking about, oh, this must be Jupiter. It’s not going to be like that. It’s going to be Mars. It’s going to be intensity, it’s going to be fire. In fact, there’s a fire now the annual fire in California is burning out of control. So be careful with fire. Be careful, especially if you are an Aries person like so many of my friends are you want to be somewhat careful You can be the kind of impulsive human being that you really love to be because these Mars transits are really no joke. Now what’s fortunate about the Mars Pluto square this week is that the Moon is going to be in Gemini and the with the Moon in Gemini harmonizing with Mars that’s going to help to blow off some of the steam.

That’s a good segue. Let’s talk now about the Moon. It’s useful to know where the Moon is because the sign that the Moon is moving through helps to define and inform our own moods.  When the Moon is in Aquarius as it is during the Full Moon, we feel kind of quirky, we feel inventive, we feel ready for change. The Moon is going to move out of Aquarius into Pisces on August 4. That’ll be at 10:27 pm Eastern Daylight Time – please adjust for your own locality. And when the Moon is in Pisces, we suddenly feel more and more imaginative, more dreamy. Maybe we want to lay in bed a little longer, you know, we might feel creative. We might feel like playing music or listening to music or suddenly take out the paintbrush that we’ve maybe put aside for a long time. When the Moon is in Pisces, we have a greater ability to transcend the day to day reality. We become more expansive, the doorway to a more cosmic bliss becomes open.

So this will be kind of a lovely time of flow, and just a sort of easing into our lives until August 7 at 9:04am when the Moon is going to enter Aries. Now while the Moon is in Aries, of course it’s going to be bumping up against all of these planets. It’s going to start with a conjunction to Chiron and then Around the night, the Moon will align with Mars and begin the trigger to all of the Capricorn planets. So this period between the seventh and the ninth, this could be a little rocky, you know, we’ve got Mars all week, but when the Moon goes into Aries, it’s going to be a little more amplified. This would be a really good time for a bike ride or a run, or something that’s going to burn off a lot of physical activity, and also help you to feel free, help you to feel free in yourself. Now, some of you I know, have physical limitations that keep you from running or from riding a bicycle. And in those cases, maybe just go for a walk or even dance or even if you can’t walk, you can dance with your arms, you can dance with your heart. There needs to be some sort of expansive energy with this Mars because Mars is fueling our drive and our desire. It’s a fantastic time to be setting goals to be putting desire into a form. We can work with it, which is intentions, this time could feel disruptive, certainly. And it will be important to try to find the flow through all of this. However, you’re comfortable doing that perhaps going swimming, perhaps through meditation, listening to music. You know, there are a lot of us who are sensitive energetically we’ll find ourselves with jangled nerves and so be prepared for a way to treat that. Maybe just sitting in meditation, listening to beautiful music, let it wash over you.

And then on August 9 at 9:28 pm (EDT) the Moon moves into Taurus. This is going to feel like a welcoming stabilization. Taurus craves security. It craves stability, it craves comfort, craves delicious food and fine fabrics and, and just a feeling of sensuality and a connection to the earth. While the Moon is in Taurus. It’s Well known to be a good time for planting, it’s a good time to sit in the garden, put your fingers in the dirt to maybe walk barefoot connect with the earth help to ground all of this Mars energy. So it’s going to be a very welcome relief to have that Taurus Moon, if you can find some quiet time, while the Moon is in Taurus, that’s also going to really help.

And then on August 12, at 9:45am, the Moon is going to move into Gemini. So we will have spent a couple of days being stable and secure, and sort of letting all of that energy ground into the earth. And then here comes the Gemini influence, which is going to really help us to talk to other people. What did you feel how was your week? Did you feel all that Mars stuff? You know, there’s much more curiosity when the Moon is in Gemini. It’s a very good time for learning, but you may not have as much focus as you might like To have if you plan to pursue a course of study, but we’re curious, we want to learn, we want to absorb information and take things in. So it’s also a time when we’re going to want to be moving around, we’re going to want to go for walks, for car rides, it’s not a time when you’re going to want to be sitting still.

So that takes us to the end of the week and I think that’s a good place to end this video. I’ll look forward to seeing you next week. Thank you so much for joining me if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments. And I will see you soon.


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