Full Moon art by blind artist Brooke Williamson.

The Full Moon occurs at 11:38 am EST. In a Full Moon the Moon and the Sun are opposite each other from our earthly perspective, and the Moon’s light of instinctive emotions and the illumination of the inner world shines brightly, unrestricted by the call of the Sun for a more conscious experience of the world.

This Full Moon is in Full Moon in Virgo so the Sun is in the opposite sign of Pisces.  In Pisces the Sun is less Self-oriented and more transcendent, and a conjunction of the Sun to Jupiter seeks a broader experience of the world than a Self-centered orientation can provide.  The alignment of the Sun to Jupiter offers the possibility of great success and a powerful vision.

With four planets in Pisces and three in Aquarius during this lunar event there is an intensely idealistic quality. Aquarian idealism is intellectual, and Piscean idealism is emotional – combining the two offers up a banquet of visionary longing for a world that offers greater perfection than the one we actually live in.

The Virgo Moon resists this broadening of the scope of our experience and prefers to be grounded in the mundane details of life in physical form. It anchors us into a heart of practical reality where we are able to make the small changes that can ultimately result in the satisfaction of the larger Aquarius/Pisces vision. In any case, this lunation will impel us to seek more from our lives – to align with our center of Spirit and from there, create change in the material world in which we live.

This enlightening Full Moon will lead us into March which will be a much quieter month from a planetary perspective. For a few weeks we will have an opportunity to integrate much of what we have assimilated over the past few months with so many powerful planetary alignments. This Full Moon can be an opportunity for us to realign our vision and move more fully into the future with greater conscious awareness.

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