The Moon is new in Virgo on September 5th at 7:36 am Eastern time.  At the New Moon the energy of the Sun and Moon unite in a burst of enthusiasm, and each month as the New Moon progresses through the signs we have an opportunity to deepen our understanding of the principles of each sign in sequence.

At the Virgo New Moon we move out of the Leo quest for personal satisfaction and find a desire to serve and perfect the human experience.  Under Virgo’s vision we are able to see where various aspects of our lives and the lives of others can be improved and sometimes, Virgo can help us to make those improvements in a practical way that has a lasting effect.

This New Moon is in a trine to Pluto which helps to strengthen and empower our Will and resolve, and both the Sun and Moon are opposite Chiron at this time.  This suggests that there may be painful emotions that arise during this time so that they can be released, allowing us to clear the slate for new patterns and pathways to develop and take root.  I think of Chiron as being a “higher octave” ruler of Virgo, so its presence in the Virgo New Moon is a welcome facilitator of the kind of re-evaluation and analysis that Virgo inspires.

Jupiter (expansion, good fortune)  harmonizes with the New Moon (sextile aspect) which will provide a feeling of abundance and confidence.  Discipline and some kind of plan will be required in order to really utilize all of this positive energy with Mars (energy and activity). in a challenging square to Saturn (structure and hard work) that is part of this New Moon.  Mars/Saturn conflicts sometimes puts road blocks in our way and patience is required in order to achieve the goal.  However, we are still under the influence of the Uranus/Pluto conflict, as we will be for some time yet, and the impetus to create change is quite strong and not easily held back.

New Moons are times for new beginnings, and the Virgo New Moon can be the perfect time to begin a new routine of any kind.  Diet plans, organizational strategies, housecleaning routines – these are examples of the kinds of projects that Virgo loves to tackle. Our minds are sharp right now and it becomes easier to discriminate and use analytic thinking to make important decisions.  This may sound mundane and dull, and certainly Virgo’s domain IS the realm of the practical and the routine.  But at this New Moon we have an opportunity to convert the day-to-day into magical experiences of transformation as we whittle away at the ineffective areas of our life to make way for the things that exhilarate us and bring joy into our lives.

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