Art Gianfermo has a great article about Jupiter/Neptune and the Iraq war:

As we move close to the third anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, even experienced military experts like Lt. Gen. William E. Odom are calling it “the greatest strategic disaster in American history.” With a new $92 billion war funding bill destined to breeze thru the House, the financial cost of the Iraq war to over $400 billion. The cost in human life is incalculable and with the planet of death and massive transformation, Pluto in exact Square to the Sun (vitality and purpose) tomorrow realization will finally began to set in deeply.

Today, 3-16 was the second pass of a Jupiter in waning square to Neptune @ 18*39′ of Scorpio and Aquarius. Not only does this aspect correlate to large amounts of rainfall and floods in different parts of the world but also signifies an irrational enthusiasm – a false optimism. Neptune has been called the planet of hysteria just as Jupiter links to euphoria and expansion. In the sign Scorpio dealing with annihilation and transformation, Jupiter has increased the debt load for the US. Today we find out that the Senate voted Thursday to let the federal government add another $781 billion in debt to the nation’s balance sheet. Borrowing limit is now close to $9 trillion.

Astrology is the study of cycles of change, and in our personal lives as well as on the global stage we sometimes find ourselves careening to extremes of experience before true understanding and wisdom can occur. Looking back in our personal lives, we often see that a devastating experience leads to healing and a deeper understanding. There is a rhythm and a dance to the effect of the planets on our earthly experience. Understanding the nature of the cycles helps us to listen a little more closely to the music that moves the dance, and helps us to see its effects on a little wider screen where we gain a better perspective.

Saturn is “stationary direct” right now – its motion has slowed to a crawl as it completes its retrograde pass and prepares to turn direct in early April. Saturn always puts pressure on us to face reality, and when combined with the influence of the Jupiter/Neptune square AND Mercury retrograde, there’s a lot of confusion right now over where the reality really is. I am looking hard at the eclipse at the New Moon on March 29, which will be followed shortly by Saturn’s direct turn. At this point many situations, including the Iraq war, will become more clear and work can begin to clean up the various messes that have been made over the past few years. I am looking for change in the Iraq war situation, clarity over the Iran nuclear standoff, and increased attention to other areas in the world such as Afghanistan and Sudan where demons still lurk.

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