A comment from Cathy to the previous post reports:

I looked back on previous oppositions between Saturn and Neptune and the wars that were going on then did not end when the aspect ended. Far from it!

1971-72 – Vietnam didn’t end until 1975. In fact Nixon’s slogan was “peace with honor”. It sounds very Neptunian and Saturnian but when U.S. forces are SO uncompromising, it’s just not going to happen under this opposition.

1936-37 – The Spanish working class (Neptune) revolted against the fascist govt (Saturn). Hitler supported the Spanish govt and began a quest for ethnic cleansing (Saturn) against the Jews (Neptune). WWII was actually started under this aspect.

I’m not thinking the war in Iraq is going to end too soon. I’m wondering if some sort of boundary thing will happen like making tribal boundaries (Saturn) to create peace (Neptune).

This is the partition idea, which makes a lot of sense to me as a solution to the Iraq problem especially as we leave Pluto in Sagittarius and move into Pluto in Capricorn. Capricorn strives to create limits and impose discipline, but Pluto turns upside down every sign that it passes through. Under Pluto there is often a breakdown and regeneration of the issues of the sign that reflects its current phase. In Capricorn we will see the breakdown of structures that that no longer serve the highest good: governmental structures, corporations, boundaries of “nations” that were cobbled together after the world wars of the 20th century. Iraq is one such “nation” – after the defeat of the Ottoman Empire the lands were partitioned into artificially defined “states”. These boundaries are artificial and certainly don’t serve the people. It took a dictator like Saddam and before him another “strong man” to keep the country together.

I strongly believe that the Universe is continually moving towards wholeness, both in the microcosm of our personal lives and the wider macrocosm of national politics. Pluto destroys that which no longer serves us in order to effect transformation and evolution, and that is true on the global scale as well as on the personal level.

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