I apologize in advance to my dear readers who are Clinton supporters. A bit of snark may leak into this post.

Most of you are probably aware by now of Senator Clinton’s need to backpedal on some of the statements that she made about landing in the midst of sniper fire during her trip to Bosnia in 1996 which was first refuted by actor/comic Sinbad, who was along on that trip, and most recently exposed by CBS news who was also there.

While this story started leaking out in the middle of March it didn’t start really erupting until Saturday morning, just hours after the Cardinal Grand Cross that included the Full Moon and the Equinox, the Washington Post confirmed Sinbad’s version of the story that “the “scariest” part was deciding where to eat. As he told Mary Ann Akers of washingtonpost.com, “I think the only ‘red phone’ moment was ‘Do we eat here or at the next place?’ “

Senator Clinton’s progressed Sun is at 3 degrees Capricorn and has been opposed by Mars since the beginning of the month, and since the Full Moon exactly squared Pluto and by reference Mars as well, the entire Grand Cross formed a tight aspect to Clinton’s progressed Sun suggesting a major shift in her life path.

The timing of all of this is quite interesting and it will be even more interesting to see how this event plays out in the long run. Transiting Saturn is trine the progressed Sun which adds an element of stability and strength and Clinton is known for her indefatigability so she will likely weather this storm as she has so many others! I myself lived through the Grand Cross which was in a tight aspect to my Capricorn Mars which is being hit by Pluto at the moment, and things that don’t kill us, as we know, can make us much, much stronger.

Photo is of Mrs. Clinton being greeted in Bosnia.

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