Mercury, planet of the mind and communication, can be a little trickster.  Language isn’t always straightforward and can often be bent to suit a particular purpose or intention, and when Mercury appears to be retrograde the shadow trickster aspect of Mercury can emerge.  Sometimes it’s just that we begin to see things in a new light, through a different lens than we had before.  Mercury has been retrograde since January 30th and turns direct on Saturday February 20th so you might think that all of this potential for unexpected handling of events would be behind us.  But you would be wrong!  It will take Mercury about a week to 10 days to resume its normal orbital speed, and during this time it’s still important to pay close attention to all that we do and say as the potential for miscommunication and confusion remains.

On Saturday and Sunday the Moon is in Gemini, ruled by Mercury – the sign that more than any other deals with the transmission of information and messaging – and the Moon will be interacting harmoniously with all of the Aquarius planets which will help to facilitate a smoother awakening of clear and focused information processing.  This is an excellent weekend for anything involving language: reading, writing, debate, discussions.  Because we are at the stationary point of the Mercury cycle, this can also be a superb time for a conversation to repair a longstanding problem.  As Oliver Wendell Holmes said, and I love this quote: “Language is the blood of the soul into which thoughts run and out of which they grow.”

Have a great weekend! ❤️

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