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Venus is very active all weekend which is a good thing because the energies are building, as they have been for the past few weeks, for the second phase of the challenging square from Saturn to Uranus. Venus governs all dimensions of attraction and pleasure, and even her challenging aspects are not that difficult.  On Saturday Venus, in Cancer where we tend to be more sensitive and emotional in our interactions with others, forms a square aspect to Chiron which can have an effect of bringing out our most noble intentions to create a healing space where there is stress.

Energies are also building on Saturday for a harmonious Venus/Uranus interaction which will help to breathe new life and space into all of our interactions as well as our own sensibilities.  With the Sun square dreamy Neptune on Sunday, we are less focused and the mundane details of life seem to fall away. This may seem confusing or frustrating, but it can also become magical as we begin to see with greater clarity a different reality, one with fewer rules and more of a sense of wonder. Obviously if something needs to be done then it must be, but don’t be surprised if it takes you through a circuitous route in which other experiences are waiting. ❤️

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