I’ve been talking all week about the potentially challenging aspect between Mars and Pluto, and today is the day!  The exact opposition occurs today at 3:45 pm EDT (go back and read yesterday’s post about Mars and Pluto if you missed it).  Pluto is a bit like Mars’s daddy, and just imagine a toddler in a tantrum and you’ll have an idea of what can occur today.  The Moon is in Aries now and since Aries is ruled by Mars the Mars energy is amplified even more.

To complicate matters further, Mars is in Cancer where it finds difficulty expressing needs and desires in a clean and simple fashion.  Watch for potential emotional land mines here, especially when the Moon sets off the opposition after around 4 pm EDT.  That would be a good time to take a walk!  These energies can be felt physically so anything you can do to burn off the excess fire would be useful.

Once the Moon shifts into Taurus early Sunday morning, just before 2 am EDT, these intensities will begin to calm down.  Taurus seeks peace and equanimity and the Moon interacts harmoniously with Jupiter and Venus throughout Sunday morning (EDT) to enhance feelings of well-being and greater integrity.  Taking some time on Sunday to recharge and rest will really help us to rebalance if you experienced any difficulty on Saturday. Have a great weekend! ❤️

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